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Anyone have longer wait time with orders from MM recently? I had a pre-shipment label created on ID last week Wed, but no updates since then. Loud&Co created there’s same day, and I got updates on ID and delivery within 5 days. I’m in no rush. Just curious what their shipping window is usually? I’m east coast for reference.


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    My experiences have been that if I order on a Wednesday, I will usually get my order the next Wednesday. But sometimes the post office takes my package on a vacation or something. I am in the Lone Star State and once it took the mailman 2 days to transfer my order between the Lubbock distribution center to the Abilene distribution center. They are 165 miles apart. One time my order did a couple of laps in California before heading east. Who can say? ID is nice, but can be frustrating to monitor.

  • Thanks for your input justaguy! Yeah I’m I’m in the Sunshine state and beginning to notice ID is not a guaranteed “tracker” to say the least. I’ll keep an eye out over the next few days and see what happens. Crossing my fingers that I’ll get it this week.

  • Me too...a shipping label was made up but the order was not received by post office...maybe medicinemama will get our packages out soon ..but most times you will have to wait the 14 days to get a it can take 3 weeks or more I feel your pain ...

  • Thanks, I was wrong on this one ..medicinemama just got alot of good stuff everyone wants..medicineman always delivers ..

  • Meanwhile the rest of us are in limbo...

  • Yeah looks like it took a week to get to the distribution center, but should be here by Friday now. A little over a 10 days, not bad.

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