Anybody been shark bit ?

This is a strain that I have almost picked up in the past well today something had me drawn to it so I grabbed a bag for sleep. I have a lot of trouble with sleeping so what can I expect. I'm hoping that there are other chronic pain suffering insomniacs "crap that sounds cold" who have medicated with this strain let me know what to expect when USPS gets around to delivering it in Feb.



  • I ordered some last night. Hopefully mine will make it thru the mail system before the end of the year. :) We'll see who get theirs 1st.

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    @MNTDWLER ordered some last night the Wikileaf and Allbud reviews sold me although from the reviews I'm not sure if it's a slam dunk for sleep. Would LOVE to see Tahoe OG come up again or Grape Ape for sleep.

  • My go to never fail is BlackBerry kush aka BlackBerry OG. a tiny bowl has me out at the plate zzzzz

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    blackberry does it. . strangely, the latest Gelato 33 that I have also knocks me out . which is unusual for a cookies strain. some OG's can also make me sleepy / knock out and others do not. i bet the SharkBite will be great for that as well. .

    interesting. curious what others favorite "sleep buds" are... (also Tahoe OG and Grape Ape both seem like very heavy flowers which would def. do the trick! )

  • Did not want to wait to order with shipping from post office being what it is now so i made a call. I swear think my friends local plug gets his product here. Hi to you πŸ˜‚. Last time i called i got 1/8 of lava cake from him. Today he had shark bite. So i got a half. Always seems to have what medman just had. Anyway will review later when i get to try it since i am almost positive it came from here.

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    My half of shark bite went from Washington to Massachusetts, which is the wrong direction for where I am, haha
    I'm hoping to get it before Christmas, but, if not I know it's on it's way.

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    @MNTDWLER I got mine today with some Cali Orange will try tonight as a bedtime and let you know...

  • Yeah and the more I smoke the more I like it, I don't get the strait to sleep but oh what a relaxing creeper. I started to feel it a few minutes after my last hit for me it started with a little tingling in my scalp and my extremities. The bud's are small to medium but they are frosty and semi compact for a small bud really nice. The relaxed feeling takes away all worries and pressures leaving me with a very enjoyable experience. PS I did eat 100mg of edibles about 3hrs ago but I just smoked a joint b4 this post "can you tell " probably not lam. Dwelling Bit

  • I feel for you @MigraineWarrior79 mine was supposed to be here last Friday. But it's floating out there in the mail system somewhere. After reading @MNTDWLER review, Im looking forward to trying it. Seems like the perfect late evening smoke.

  • @whatever1956 how was the cali orange?

  • @rockafire hope you get your order in, man.. ughh. sounds like a great evening strain, you're right

  • @Rockafire

    Hopefully the mail gods will shine upon us, and bring our Christmas green!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 whoa.. lol. we posted about the same time. your order hasnt shown up either?? oyyy. vibing for a Xmas miracle for you :flushed: let the mail gods shine down upon ANY who haven't yet received their orders lol

  • @v32Finish

    Nah, not yet. Was supposed to be here yesterday, but went to Mass, then Connecticut, then back to Mass, & as of this morning it's in transit.
    Hopefully NOT back to Connecticut but to NOLA!
    It's all good. I mean, it sucks, but it is what it is.
    USPS is dealing with unprecedented times at the moment, and I get they're doing their best.

    I hope for Christmas miracles for all who are awaiting orders!

    May it be a green, green Christmas!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 LOL right on . I have seen some crazy stuff like that.. definitely understand theres only so much they can do. crossing my fingers for all of ya !! i think the system will unclog soon and everything will pass much easier

    Green Xmas for all! :mrgreen:

  • All I can do is laugh

  • USPS is ridiculous. @MigraineWarrior79 .
    I received my Shark Bite and it's a great relaxing strain. Actually a fan of the strong, potent creepers. 8.5/10

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    @MigraineWarrior79 hope it comes soon for ya
    @MNTDWLER from your descriptive yeah its the same spot on on appearnce and effects. Lightish smell. First bowl is balanced i actually get a bit buzzy. After that though on the end of the first bowl on it gets really relaxing and couch locked. But still heady enough to make tv music and movies better. Really easy to sleep after.

  • Good luck mail is ridiculous right now still waiting on 2 and added 2 more to the chaos today πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ, haven't been to the NBA hall of fame in forever @MigraineWarrior79 miss watching my sports live in person and the parades might be a min before another of those unfortunately

  • @Vapedad78

    I hear ya. I added another order myself today; a quarter of triangle kush.

  • Well, mine landed in the local hub today 5 days late, but it is back on the radar! Hope it goes out for delivery tomorrow.

  • I have recently had chronic shoulder tendonitis from golfing to go along with my long issues with insomnia. The insomnia was bad enough on its own but now with the tendonitis I found myself having even more trouble sleeping as I am a side sleeper and it aggravates the shoulder and forces me awake.

    To help ive been smoking such strains as Bubba, Blackberry, Frankenstein and NL#5.

    Curious about this strain as well.

  • It's a very good relaxing creeper, it depends on the person on the sleep issues. I also have serious joint, tendon and nerve damage so sleep is always going to be a blessing when you can find it. Right now it's 2AM I went to sleep at 12:30 and up at 1:15 or so when I woke up in agony the first thing I did like always eat 200mg edibles now this is only me I have been doing this for years. Then I grabbed my P/co dab pen and did a combo of mendo breath and rude Boi CRC about 8 good rips then try to relax. My all time favorites for sleep are BlackBerry kush and the impossible to find king Louis xiii so right now I'm going to smoke a bowl of bbk topped off with the Kief from bbk,shark bite GG#4 chemdawg and MAC see you on the other side. Mntdwler

  • @MNTDWLER There were King Louis carts on Loud's menu before they went offline that I plan on grabbing if they're still there once they're back. I usually don't do the prefilled carts because of the price, but I am making an exception this time lol.

  • Yeah i know I've never tried the klxiii prefilled carts , i haven't had a prefilled cart in a few years. I can't justify the price in comparison with distillate and refills, just me I'm kinda cheap. But yeah I'll race ya on the KLXIII but you know what happens as soon as you get your payment confirmation the flower will hit the board along with BlackBerry kush LOL. Happy Holidays and MERRY CHRISTMAS OneLoveπŸ’šπŸŽ„πŸ™πŸ½πŸ“¬πŸ€ͺ

  • Santa came today. :)

  • Super cool man, enjoy πŸŽ„πŸ€ͺ🦈

  • @MNTDWLER If I had a dispensary locally, I most likely would purchase them more because the price is usually more doable for me, but I don't. There's a ton of people selling them around here for even cheaper than the dispensaries, but I most definitely do not trust the quality. And hey, I wouldn't be disappointed if the flower did hit as well, I'll take both if I have the funds 🀣. Could def use some more Blackberry too. Such a perfect nighttime strain. Happy Holidays to you as well!!!

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