Loud shipping

Amazing okay I'm not going to blame the USPS for the slow Holiday shipping I recieved my bag of shark bite in 5 days wow. I know concentrates come from other sources but I wanted to give thanks to the flower shippers who got my meds to me before Christmas.


  • I got my "Happy Hour" from Loud in 4 days to the East Coast. I was shocked lol

  • Pretty wild right ? Considering the Holidays that's up there with the fastest delivery ever.

  • Loud is the best with shipping for me to east coast

  • I've gotten fast from both south east here

  • @mntdwler how is the shark bite? I'm still waiting on a bag and I'm almost more excited for it than the dolado its coming with.

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    I guess it just matters where u live because I personally prefer Med Mama shipping over Loud n Co Med Mama always use first class priority mail in USPS packages and I always get it within 5 days with Loud n Co it’s regular packaging in regular card board boxes which is very common in shipping I never get my stuff from them within 5 days it’s always over a week or close to two weeks and my recent order on December 4th never got it I believe they will replace my order whenever they come from vacation but I’m just saying I noticed a big difference between the two and my order with Loud n Company before the one on December 4th when I received it my bag of weed was opened it wasn’t sealed all the way in the zip lock I never had a order that was opened like that made me think I shouldn’t smoke it I still smoked it tho after running tests of smelling and examining to make sure it was safe I wasn’t going waste my money lol

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