Medmama indoor OG.

Was there for just a minute. @medmama is it gone already?


  • It was the first one gone. I had been refreshing the page waiting for anything to show up and then there were so many. I ordered the OG and it was only posted for less than a hour. Everything goes quickly now.

  • It's always a zoo around the holidays. Today only MJ's up. And even if you got your order in, the delays in getting it are frustrating. Add to that, people are getting that $600 stimulus thing. Lol I'll pass till mid month and things are back to normal.

  • All the shrooms gone, too! What is the world coming to? (Don't answer!)

  • I know itโ€™s frustrating I been trying to order 2 oz but every time I go to Place a order everything is gone instead of checking two or three times a day Iโ€™m goin to have to do it like once a hour

  • OG is always gone super fast. i learned that if i want OG, i have to order IMMEDIATELY when it comes on the board and hope i got it in fast enough.

    lol.. yeah I'm gonna wait a little bit to place an order myself. i might order a small something from mama, but i wanna see what Loud comes back with too : )

  • @v32Finish Yeah, ordered a little Blueberry Muffin since I passed on it last time. But I'm definitely waiting on what Loud drops.

  • I wanna see pics and a review of the OG badly! ๐Ÿ’– Anybody get any yet??

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    Yes the OG Kush arrived. I love it. The buds are small and cured perfectly. The high is head and body with some couch lock. This is a must buy for me again.

  • @buds Happy you got this! Beautiful pic! Looks amazing

  • Looks great! @buds Thanks for the review. I hopefully got this split with Blueberry Zkittles. Tomorrow should be my day. Pure OG is always a hit here in any grow style(indoor/outdoor etc)

  • @MizterNiceGuy the zkittles are some major gas, definitely glad decided to go add that last min

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    Zkittles is a must buy as well on medmama's menu.(indoor,premium, & greenhouse)I've had every batch just about. @Vapedad78

  • Pretty sure this batch is good deal more potent than last batch I had when the peach mimosa was ot to, kinda regretting not grabbing more now lol but too many other items caught my attention

  • Those OG nugs look ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    Gotta get some next time!

  • I'm so glad I got my split today! Zip of OG is amazing. Smoking it now. Potent! Will report back.

  • sweet!! will definitely be grabbing pretty much any OG that comes across the board, if possible at the time.. def. on my must buy list (and it always goes fast too)

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