Rehydrating Test Success

So last night I tested a rehydrate method that I really liked. And worked very well. I used some of the recent Purple Kush and Novembers White Rhino as my test subjects because these are the 2 most dry in my stash. I like to have a separate mason jar to have a couple rehydrated nugs ready to go when I want them. What I do when I want to rehydrate is pull a 2-3in piece of organic lettuce of a head of lettuce and place the dry nugs in the end of jar sideways. Then I put the piece of lettuce on other end near opening and close the lid. Then I place it sideways so they dont touch each other in a dark spot for over night or 10 hours. Little longer if necessary but no longer than a day. Replace lettuce each 12 hours with new piece. Than boom perfectly rehydrated nugs with no smell. I prefer this way over boveda now. Thought I would share. PK is a perfect strain to try this with since its on the dry side from being outdoor.

Smoked rehydrated PK as I typed this. Damn I love this strain. I enjoy it dry or rehydrated. But obviously would be best as fresh cured.


  • Just buy boveda 62’s they’re cheap, miraculous and last a long time.

  • Yeah didnt have any on hand :) So just wanted to test lettuce and it works great too if thats not an option.

  • What ever works for the situation you find yourself in "adapt and overcome"lol I did it more years ago than i care to admit. It's been in a boveda post b4 but thanks for your post, much green love my mm family. 💚

  • I just ordered some Boveda 62's today for the first time. I have a mason jar, it's clear but I keep it in a dark drawer. So I hope that will work...

  • I was skeptical but definitely seem to work

  • @Vapedad78 Right? Very ez healthy way to do it if not wanting to use boveda

  • No meant I was skeptical of the boveda lol but did back in the day use piece of carrot or apple for similar effect

  • ahhh ok xD

  • Mean you're right either method, just depends what's on hand or preference

  • If I don’t use boveda you must watch for mold. I’ve had it happen and it sucks.

  • I really didn't want to try or like boveda. After all the advertisements on this forum I broke down and bought some. Now I couldn't live without them.

  • 🤣 i was the same.

  • I got a 1/2 of (I really don't even remember 😁) from MM. It was bordering on very dry, so I put it in a small Mason jar with two Bovedas, and 24 hours later I have happy weed!

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