Shrooms snuck back on the menu...

Just noticed the Penis Envy shrooms popped up. They're the ones I've heard about most frequently. Anyone tried them before?


  • Will be trying them soon enough:-)

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    I have heard from many psychonaughts that penis envy’s are by far the strongest, most powerful form of natural psilocybin that one can get their hands on.

  • Havent tried them from here, but I used to grow Penis Envies. They have solid stalk instead of a hollow stalk, so they weigh more and yield more. As for potency I think if you eat of enough of any kind of psilocybe mushroom and there all going to take you to the same destination in my experience

  • @GanjaLion so different strains won't affect you different ways like it is with cannabis?

    For example: Golden teachers vs Psilocybe Azurescens and/or Psilocybe Cyanescens

  • @PCT90 possibly at lower doses, but when I eat enough of them its all the same destination I believe. Ive had mushroom trips that I couldnt tell the difference from a dmt trip during the peak. Think they all take you to the same place

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    I love this site. God bless Medicineman and the whole congregation.

    Review to come...

  • Ohhh, Penis envies are good shrooms. For me a lower dosage does the trick.

  • So is the pic legit? Because if it is there is no envy here. Penis Envy usually has "girth" in the stalks. Them shits look like some needle dicks. Just sayin

  • @GanjaLion so is it safe to say the intensity of the trip is the only difference strain to strain or did I just misinterpret what you said?

  • @PCT90 Exactly, atleast in my experience. You would probably feel a difference low dose or microdose. As far as breakthrough dose, you can hit it on any of them and they all feel the same to me personally. Which im more than happy with lol

  • @GanjaLion Well, I'm sure it's also safe to say they'll affect me differently than you.

  • @PCT90 Sure, everybodies experience is going to be unique. Have you ever used them before?

  • @GanjaLion I did acid back on thanksgiving 2019 but haven't done shrooms yet. I'm really pissed I lost the number for the guy I got it from. He's the brother of an old elementary school classmate, that classmate also happens to be doing 75-life for attempted murder.

  • @GanjaLion Oh forgot to mention I do have a golden teacher crop I'm gonna get going once my grain jars colonize. Basically it's a storage tub with an adjustable stainless steel aquarium heater submerged in water with another tub floating on the water covered with a lid. The kit also came with a digital thermometer, timer & an LED grow light that fits into a pre cut hole in the lid. And I got the spore syringes from I think. Also ordered a 30mm syringe of Psilocybe azurescens & a 30mm syringe of Psilocybe cyanescens from but as of today it's still processing made the purchase on 12/13/21.

  • @PCT90 fuck yea nice. thats exciting to hear. I want to get back into it, but for now I chose a small weed grow instead. I need to figure out how to incorporate growing them in the same beds and grow them at the same time. They require different moisture levels and I dont want to get stem rot on my cannabis I dont have wind like outside. I used to do a rye berry tek in 1lb bags and transfer them to mono tubs like you described. You keeping around a liquid culture? Dang im stoned, hope I dint write a whole lot about nothing haha

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    @GanjaLion I meant to say 12/13/20. No your good. Speaking of cannabis, a few years ago I dropped $2,500 on a grow cabinet from Cloudponics basically looks like an armoire but contains a computer tower which controls the hydroponic system, automated ph monitoring, lighting, everything basically all I had to buy was seeds & nutrients. Then I became homeless & by the time I got back on my feet 2 years later the company had gone defunct. It's no longer possible to connect the phone app to the box via bluetooth. Maybe the operating system can be reverse engineered? Might give liquid cultures a try next time.

  • @PCT90 wow crazy system, hope you can get it back up and running. Im sure theres a coder out there can tackle that, it sounds worth trying to revive. In the liquid culture the spores are already germinated, so its able to colonize quickly and higher rates of success

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    @GanjaLion How much did you take that you got DMT like experiences?

  • No offense to anyone but shrooms and dmt are 2 different species. If shrooms are like a light beer to dmt which is like everclear. Both great but not close to same. Imho. Shrooms on high dose approach low lsd. Shrroms lsd dmt mescaline 2cx etc are all great but not the same at all. Btw mescaline was always my fave.

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    @SpongePail that sucks. Lite beer is for pussies. I only drink wild turkey 101 though. I'm 30 still haven't found a beer I like but I think I just have no desire to find one.

    @GanjaLion Sounds like I took the more difficult path. And, I just inoculated on 1/4/21 at 8pm so I gotta wait until at least the first week of February for (I'm guessing) the start of colonization. And you're right about that grow cabinet. Luckily, stuff like this is why the RaspberryPi community & the RaspberryPi was invented. Gonna be offline for a few hours. I've had constant heartburn everyday for the past 2-3 years. Guess it's time I give up the bourbon. About 6 months ago my GP told me he thought I had the precursor to esophageal cancer. Guess it's time I go get screened for that. And I should probably ensure my will, advanced directive & life insurance are up to date. Damn. I didn't think I'd get to experience the cryogenics process this early in my life. Hope the stage is low but based on my chest pain it probably won't be. Fuck.

  • The Penis Envy caps and stalks are much larger than previous varieties from this vendor.

  • I split an oz with my friend to get the dmt like experiences 14 grams, they came and left multiple times over the course of 12 hours and there not 2 different species there both in the same family almost identical so please dont confuse people @SpongePail . I dont distract myself when I do them too with entertainment, for me personally I get more out of it and can go further this way. @PCT90 Excited for you to get your grow and your health back online, sounds like you got the right mind set and alot of things to look forward too

  • @GanjaLion Only time will tell.

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