Genuinely curious as to how many customers @medman averages as far as number of individuals or orders. I’m going to guess somewhere in the 8,000 range. Been ordering from MedMan for almost 3 years now.


  • Seems like a lot, I would have guessed ~1000

  • Are we talking pre COVID or during pandemic I’ve been on for three or four years myself and menu’s used to last two to three weeks now they last hours

  • I’ve been around since April last year. Even then strains would sit for quite a bit. I remember do-si-dos sitting for quite a while before grabbing some myself. Shit don’t last long anymore. Seems if not hitting the order within 24/48 hours it’s a crap shoot.

  • I was wondering the same thing. Just wondering how many orders on average are done daily. Post and Pre Covid numbers compared would be interesting as well. Also curious of how others stumbled upon this site too. I for one just happened to be googling "Buy marijuana online" for shits and giggles and came across TONS of websites. I looked at each website then read independent reviews on forums and found this one was the only one I came across that didnt have any bad reviews or warnings of being a scam.

  • I found this site by typing in "legit marijuana online"
    I sat and watched for a good year before figuring out how to go about BTC.

  • Its crazy flower is going everywhere i use a few other sites and there hit by covid or being dry i think medman has a lot of customers bc they stay consistent and the word is getting out

  • I've been around just 3 months. Someone mentioned the site in an unrelated subreddit one day and it changed my world lol. ill never buy flower any other way now... quality medicine is a gamechanger. And I feel a lot more comfortable with the MM site vs dealing with a darknet market for various reasons. I bet pandemic lock downs have stepped orders up for the site. And although bitcoin is high right now for lots of reasons, one of those reasons is increased use.

  • @liim yeah I read reviews on a reddit as well. The thread just had someone asking how legit the site was and a user replied saying that their roommate had used it and it worked out but they wouldn't buy online themselves bc of risk. From there looking at this message board and past posts settled my doubts and I bought.

  • I share the URL to the site every chance I get. I'd like to think maybe a handful of orders came from my advertising but I don't usually follow up just advertise.

  • @PCT90 i do the same although I am selective in who I give it too. Cancer patients obviously and close family/friends. Still I worry about giving out my plug and stock when I need to order 🤣

  • @cancerwarrior that actually makes a lot of sense. Wouldn't want to gunk up supply lines more than they already are.

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