CRC vs Shatter? What gets you higher?

For those who've tried both, I know I keep seeing CRC is smooth as shit and tastes good. However, I am not hearing much about the high. I usually get shatter because I don't mind coughing a bit or two (makes me feel like I am getting higher, lol). But my ultimate goal is getting high. Does CRC do the trick more than shatter?


  • I have had the crc mendo breath and rude boi. I think the crc is very comparable to shatter in terms of strength of high. I do agree that crc is extremely smooth and tastes good. I was hoping to notice a stronger high than with shatter but I think it’s about the same. I feel like the smoothness of the hit and taste are really the biggest difference.

  • A friend of mine got some CRC and let me try it, imo it didn't get me higher than shatter, I would say just as high. (I had a decent tolerance at the time and it was out of a rig, which may have effect my results) But at the same time it didn't make me cough either and I'm in the same boat as u on coughing. I really feel it comes down to strain of the flower used over if it's wax, shatter or CRC

  • @LifeLong14 i love CRC as it is smoother than wax IMO. I like wax better than shatter. For me shatter is way harsh.

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