vape refill terpenes

@medmama According to your description of the vape refill syringes... 'This is a pure CO2 distillate, 88% THC and the rest terpenes for flavor.' Can we assume you start with pure THC distillate and introduce terpenes to arrive at the flavor of the strain? If so, are these natural, food grade terpenes or from some other source?


  • I'm curious aswell here are he diff types of Terpenes

    Cannabis Derived Terpenes - Terpenes extracted from top buds of a cannabis plant.

    Botonical Derived Terpenes - Terpenes are extracted from plants, fruits, and flowers to create Botonical Terp profiles.!

    Cannabis Hybrid Terpenes - (Botonical & Cannabis Derived) - Both Botonical & Cannabis Derived Terpenes are mixed together to create a better flavoring & cost efficient product.

    Synthetic Terpenes - Produced in a lab by chemical blending and manipulation. By doing this, they can create a perfect terpene profile of any flavor.

  • Also very curious. I've always been pretty happy with the vape refills.... But, I am also very curious whether that 12% of terpenes that is "re-introduced" are the ACTUAL terpenes from that exact plant/strain... Or just generic cannabis terps from "wherever".... Or other (food grade) terps .

    @medmama @LoudnCo @medman any thoughts??


  • Honestly, the carts weren’t terpy with my
    Last order. MM step it up man!

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