Black Jack Wax

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The first thing I found was a poorly wrapped 2g's of crumble, that being said the smell is very strong when I opened the first sealed bag "mylar" so I had high hopes. I'll admit I'm having a hard day so maybe that's the reason I'm not getting much off of this batch. The taste is sweet on the first few rips and gets a little aggressive after the 4th or 5th hit. This wax is very crumbly and abit hard to handle, I'm glad I didn't order more. Please someone tell me I'm wrong because I am going to put it back for a while until I feel better then try it again. Great taste less filling lol. Dwelling not so Stoned


  • I was considering getting some as well. I don't mind crumble, but not in wax paper!
    She must have run out of silicone containers. ðŸĪ”

  • Nah that's exactly what my purple headband shatter and wedding cake shatter looked liked and it came in wax paper

  • My blueberry zkittlez shatter from a while back looked just like that and in the wax paper as well

  • Same that looks like other past stuff they had

  • It looks like good wax/shatter/crumble. Medmama uses silicone containers usually. That's 1 reason why I've gotten my concentrates from @medmama

    "Parchment" paper hopefully. Some places use actual "wax" paper.

  • After repackaging my brain I'm ready to give another review. This is in all aspects a nice oily&shiny crumble which has me very very frosty right now. The high came on fast 4 or 5 tokes and I was on my way to 4 more ðŸĪŠ. Right now I'm 10min in on this post because I'm ripped. The buzz started as a warm feeling behind my eyes and is slowly washing down my body leaving me feeling totally relaxed without a care in the world. My pain has partially retreated for the moment and that's saying something. I really like this "wax" the taste is amazing and my wife says it smells like church incense. If you are indica lover you may want to take a turn at black Jack . This wax has me subdued and in the mood to grab to grab some salty food and some suds too. DWELLING STONED TO THE MAX ON BLACK JACK WAX .😜💚21♠ïļâ˜„
    P.S 45min blame jack for the post.

  • LOL @MNTDWLER you are something else... thanks for the review... i look forward to your posts, you have an interesting style of writing and i feel like i can really feel the effects of what you're describing.. lol... anyways just wanted to say thanks for the reviews!

    i'm not a huge buyer of shatter or wax or concentrates in general, but theres a select few of yall that i tend to watch your reviews to determine if i WAS gonna order some. seems lots of good ones lately

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