Kief Hash

Anyone try the GSC Kief Hash? Thoughts???


  • didnt see it... nice!!!

  • I've been considering pulling the trigger on some of that...

  • Thinking about it, just need a review

  • we need someone to take one for the team and be the guinea pig!!!

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    @v32Finish Your elected lol I'm at my limit on anything else for a couple of weeks. Hell I'll have order's coming in for a week and a half as it is. So if it's good I'll pull on it after I've used some of the concentrates I have now.

  • I accept the challenge. Guinea Pig it is... 4 grams on the way. Will give it a test drive.

  • @tallazguy very noble of you my friend I for one can't wait for your review. 👍ðŸ”ĨðŸŧðŸ’Ļ💚🍀

  • I too am super curious @tallazguy Can't wait for your review

  • When time and the USPS allows ;-), I will post a review! It may be a while... May even try to vape a bit in my Crafty...

  • Watching and awaiting the review!

  • Looked at it earlier but went different direction, interested for the review

  • see, this is why i love this place

    I have been the willing guinea pig before, but gosh darnit, I know if for some reason I can't do it or don't want to do it, there's gonna be SOMEONE in this fine group to step up and accept the challenge,

    Kudos to ya @tallazguy ... thanks for putting the team on your back :lol: looking forward to seeing the results

  • The hashish has arrived! Very dark, soft yet will crumble quite easily. Smell is piney with touch of citrus but not overpowering. Tried out about 1/4 rice grain sized piece crumbled into a hand pipe with screen. Held lighter long enough for it to smolder. It does not melt or bubble. Two hits hardly left a dent but were very effective. A bit harsh with a lofty, relaxed high on par with a small hit of Gelato CRC hash out of an e-rig. Without the water, bucket to clean or batteries to charge.

    This makes me wonder.... Why so much interest in new hash oil concentrates while old school hashish has all but disappeared? I'm looking forward to a group of friends, a cup, a pin and a ball of this hashish! We don't need fancy rigs to enjoy a relaxing evening! Old school!!!

  • Awesome! I really want to top a bowl with it.
    Come onnnnn tax return lol

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    @tallazguy hash hasn't disappeared it's just illegal in the states from my understanding. Check out a Canadian website and check out the hash selections. Our time will come my friend.

  • nice!!! gotta agree with @OzBaxter and @MNTDWLER both :joy:

  • @tallazguy Man you are bringing back some old memories talking about old school hash consumption. The glass and pin and some dark afghani takes me right back to the early 70s with my friends. Heady times indeed..

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