Vape temps and different strains?

I am really kinda new to vaping overall and I am starting to notice there is a difference in strains being best at a certain temperature. Does anyone else find this too? Curious if you have to turn up or down based on sativa or Indica?


  • I'm just experimenting with temps between 395°f and 420°f so far but that's interesting and something might try paying attention to

  • I turn my pax 3 up/down depending on the stickiness of the flower..something really sticky like GG4 I start out around 360..if it’s more dry herb then around 380..I like to savor the terps

  • I would love to take part in these conversations vaporizer is Canadian. Maybe I should learn how to switch it to degrees F. The Triple Scoop for me really soars at 174 degrees C. Melon Mania sings to me in the mid 160s. So I think it's an interesting question!

  • Yeah guys right now I'm on my EQ vaping some GMO after changing my mind on the mammoth skunk. I'm at 370° & the GMO is amazing I'll end the session at about 420°.as I always do because it's just the right number for me. 🤪🐻💨💚🍀

  • I tried the 420 setting to finish things off and got couple more decent rips out my elbow pack. Good looking out, was nice and evenly tannish brown when dumped in abv container, what's everyone's preferred way to make use of abv outta curiosity? Looking for something discreet mostly cause need to keep pungency at bay, but not looking forward to an abv chunky smoothie lol

  • I like mixing it 1/2 & 1/2 with fresh flower, altogether 10grm's make cannabutter and mix some of the left over abv& flower into oatmeal cookies. The abv gives a nice nutty flavor to the rolled oats.

  • @superman38NC that's an interesting take as well cause I definitely enjoy getting the different unique flavors

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