Question about MM suppliers

So, within the next year I'm considering getting a large scale grow operation going since I plan to rent the entire building I'm living in which is basically an old house that was converted into two separate apartments one on the first floor one on the second floor.

What's the likelihood @medman would be willing to take on another distributor? Obviously, my product would need to go through a quality control period to ensure consistent quality over a certain period of time but considering I look at this endeavor as simply a hobby that I would use to make money and not something that I technically have to do to maintain my quality of life, prices would most likely be insanely low.

Don't get me wrong I love working as a patient care technician at one of our local psychiatric hospitals, something like what I just described has always been something I wanted to do & let's face it given the fact that dispensaries are unwilling to work with the people that aren't associated with an established business it makes moving pounds exponentially harder.

Anyway I'm headed to bed. Y'all have a great weekend. And stay safe out there if you travel. And for the people that are in central Ohio if you haven't heard we're going to end up getting a four to eight inches between Sunday and Tuesday. I'm not in central Ohio but I did still get the winter storm warning on my phone so it seems like an easy conclusion to come to that it'll touch me where I am. By the way, flamethrowers are legal in 48 states excluding California and Maryland. Just a friendly piece of advice for all those people that are concerned about throwing their back out.


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    @PCT90. always have eyes open for new shippers but I will say that it's a whole big deal of it's own running something like that and I generally choose people who already have experience and proven performance. It's a lot of work and requires very consistent performance and vigilance with security.

  • Well by renting the entire building that I'm living in instead of just the apartment that I'm currently living in then security won't be an issue because I can have the grow operation in my current apartment or I can move it downstairs keep the door locked and basically control who goes in and out. Along with such things as putting three and a half inch wood screws into all my striker plates putting up a few dooricade bars & I'm sure I can come up with other ideas.

    Oh wait, did you mean security with regard to physical security or security when shipping? Because frankly I was just going to follow what you guys already do, vacuum sealing x2 at least ect ect. if you would like to provide me with a secure email address it's something we can always talk about when the neighbor that's currently living downstairs moves out in September of this year.

  • i have thought about this, but pretty sure i'm instantly DQ'd by living in an illegal state. definitely interesting to think about, but i would think that it'd be very complex and probably not feasible if u didn't already know him . etc

    idk man i'm just baked and typing. i'll show myself out :D @PCT90 @medman

  • @v32Finish I was thinking the same thing. It's more than just quality product I believe consistency would be one of their main concerns unless you go medical Jane route and just sling cbd bud mainly and concentrate but idk much either that Kimbo mixes with the huckleberrys got me contemplating other people's ideas lol 😆my bad

  • @PCT90 There is a lot that goes into running an op like this. Security is important on many different levels that you may not think about until you are actually doing it or someone tells you. I would say that if you grow you will no doubt find a market for your stuff even if it wasn't us!

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