Using cannabis in the morning/afternoon

I'm curious how others use cannabis in their daily lives. For me personally, if I smoke, vape, consume and edible in the morning or afternoon it greatly impacts my day. After the high recedes, I feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated. However, if I consume cannabis in the evening, after enjoying the effects for 2-3 hours, the high recedes and I'm left feeling tired, which typically leads to a night of restful sleep.

Is this normal? How do you use cannabis in your daily life and how does it impact you on a day-to-day basis?

It's worth mentioning that I do not use cannabis for medicinal purposes, so I imagine that plays a part. I've also experimented with different strains but the results are always the same. These days I've been enjoying some high powered indicas (in vape form) before bed. Specifically, Tahoe OG and GMO Cookies.


  • Try a good sativa to start your day but just a few puffs just to get you going! Dont over indulge or your results will be the same.tired because of being over medicated.just a thought..

  • For me it depends on the strain, mix it up a bit through out the day. When it's late in the evening I'll have some nice heavy hitting indica.

  • Is what you're doing not working? I can't quite believe I'm saying this: maybe being high all the time isn't for everyone?

  • @TreesPlz I didn't say it wasn't for me!

  • I appreciate all the responses. I think George is right in regards to my personal experience. I have friends who wake and bake daily without any issues. I know people who are more productive when they use cannabis. There are times I wish I was one of those people, but I need to stick with what's working for me.

  • I think there has to be balance.. i'm still working on mine. lol

    i wake and bake daily, but i have to be careful; if i pick the wrong strain or smoke too much, i regret it instantly for a few hours when i get to work. (no risk or anything, just sluggish, not as productive, etc). however, if I don't smoke at all, i get irritable and generally feel like shit by afternoon time.

    i gotta get a couple good, nice sativas..

  • I use it to wind down. So I tend to use it in the evenings. Tea/caffeine in the morning. Plus if I smoke I tend to doubt myself. If I screw something up I always wonder...would I have screwed up if I didn’t smoke? I hate that, so I only use it in the evenings.

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