Genetic preferences science experiment

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I've sampled a lot of strains here and I've learned a few things about my unique preferences. Maybe you have, too.

Here are mine. This list was inspired by Strawnana, which just showed up on Loud's menu.

Keep in mind that this is observational and not judgmental.

Strawberry and banana: These smell and taste great to me but never satisfy.

"Chem" strains: I can't detect the chem smell. These herbs don't register with my brain. Even strong varieties that are well received here...they never satisfy me. Glue varietals also.

Fruit strains: Generally these are a safe bet. Especially tropical and berries. Citrus also.

Hazes: Yes to anything. Same thing with sativa landraces like Lamb's breath.

Kushes: Rarely satisfying when they don't have fruit in the name--but I appreciate the rare one that connects with me.

Edit: How could I forget, anything purple. YES PLEASE!!!

All the cakes. For goodness sakes.


  • The best I've ever had was called Humboldt #4. Which category does that one fit in?

  • @TreesPlz I don't know but it sounds good!

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    I have thought alot about this.. i appreciate this post! agree with alot of it, too.

    specifically I haven't gotten along with strawberry bannana. i hesitate to say I don't like strawnana strains, like.. blanket style... but I have ordered about 3 from here and maybe had 1 or 2 elsewhere, and their terp profile specifically was always "muted". I know there's probably one out there, but I have never once had a strawberry banana bud that I would classify as "dank". or loud.

    this kinda leads into my own preferences.. I don't hate strains which aren't loud, but man.. if i open a jar or ESPECIALLY break open a bud and don't get that pungency, that "pop" .. it doesnt matter which camp it falls in, it instantly gets downgraded a tier or 2 before the real conscious grading even begins.

    Fruit strains are so widely varied .. i typically like them, but again, they are usually split between dank fruit strains or fruity, floral, mild fruit strains.

    I've found that my very, very favorite terp profiles (like the 1st batch of premium dolato and the 1st batch of premium sunset sherbet, both i ordered from here) -- they have a hint of fruit, a bit of gas/dank, and are complex. eye watering. literally send a shiver down your back when you take a big whiff. i think everyone may have a different preference/ different profile that gives them that..... but that's what i'm after.

    i can learn to appreciate things that aren't that. but i've gotta have some gas, to call it something special or that i really like. i think that word is also misconstrued sometimes because there is a difference between "thats' some gas!" like as in really good.. and the actual gasoline/kerosene terps. those biting, diesel fumes. it's possible to have "dank" without those, but oftentimes, those are the ones sliding in to accent those other terps and make something truly loud/dank.

    anyway. i think it's always good to analyze your habits and your medicine(s). definitely notice some parallels with @georgetirebiter .. thanks for the good post!

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