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This one looks interesting to me: Lava, on the MedMama menu. I'm going to order some. Here's the information that sold me, about the genetics:

Clone-only Lava

"African Purple(male), Old pure indica from the legal days, and an exclusive Hawaiian female from my dear friend that has grown it for close to 20 years.

The African was a landrace seed set and dark purple flowers.
Developed for the Hawaiian market, Lava has a rich taste of fine leathers and spices and is very unique in both effect and bag appeal. Pure purple and exotic looking, Lava can grow big and is mainly sativa dom. The purple colors come through at any temp. Moderate THC levels but with a unique THC footprint that you can feel the difference of from other pot.
Lava is a clone only plant."

Admittedly there's no purple color coming through in that picture. Unlike some of the strains that get called out as "rare" in the description, this one actually seems rare!


  • @georgetirebiter every where I read about Lava it says wat ur saying. Indica dominant. But mamma's description has it sounding different. I'd b curious to kno. I guess ur description wud b accurate. I wud not have noticed. Thx for posting about it.

  • Curious about.this.. I didn't notice that it was different from Lava Cake .. but surely enough, yeah, looks like lava is a totally different strain.

    Thanks for bringing light to this one @georgetirebiter .. I will be curious bout this one!

    I had to order the purple punch from Mama , personally... Just because I've NEVER had purple punch before. (Ok, I had it once but it was not great ; been waiting for a premium batch to.truly.judge it as a strain) . Only got an 1/8th so far, but I'm hoping this menu sticks around a bit. Also expecting an 8th of the primo wedding cake .. from Loud.. those 2 will tide me over for a while. Definitely wanna order a split Purple Punch / Alpha OG .. absinthe sounds delightful as well..

    Anyway, there I go, wandering off!

    Have a good one everybody. Back to work for me (first day this week!)


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    @v32Finish I, too, thought I read Lava Cake. When I noticed the description, I thought it was odd. Glad I found this great NEW description and hope it lives up to it. I ordered half a zip, so I'm invested! Sad I missed out on the Afgooie, though. That one was also super interesting, but it seems to have gone away.

  • yeah, i saw the afgooey!! had a feeling that wouldnt last. i remember getting that a looong time ago and really liking it, from a buddy.

    will look forward to seeing how the Lava turns out. interesting that it's a hawaiian strain, too.. with the volcanic location and whatnot.

  • interesting... my gut says no, since it seems they may refer to it more as "Lava Flower" than just Lava.. but another interesting possibility

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