Texas lite up

Man it’s been a whole month. I was hoping I would be able to order but dam times are tuff. Anyone close to uvalde lite one up for your boy. Like bone thugz “if I ain’t around when you blaze that blunt please think of me”😂😂😂 hopefully I can get something soon.


  • best wishes from H town. lemme know if ya come my way . :D

    hope you can get something sorted man.. even just a lil bit. gotta be somebody?!?! good luck brother.

  • Yeah bro hopefully soon. There is a lot of bunk here in my town 😂

  • i feel ya. hopefully you can get an order in soon, even a small one. that's what i gotta do sometimes. i would be lyin if i said i hadn't borrowed like $30 from my chick to get an 8th of something SUPER that popped up on the menu... that i knew it wasn't gonna stick around... :joy:

    anyways good luck man

  • I feel ya down in Austin. I screwed up my order jan 20th and I just contacted usps hoping I won’t need to go into my post office. Unfortunately I didn’t find out I needed to do anything till a month later when the reship didn’t show up. Luckily I got paid and put another order in while I untangle the mess my original one is in. I’ve been stone cold sober for the last three weeks including during this winter apocalypse. Looking forward to next week.

  • Greetings fellow Texans...yup, it's rough here for sure. I have literally one bong load left, while I'm looking at the USPS Informed Delivery, at a package that's been held up here in Dallas since Monday night...It's frustrating when you can see it, almost here, but delayed because of natural disasters - a friggin blizzard! And, during the snowed-in week, I ordered another shipment, that says will be here Monday...I just hope the first batch shows up tomorrow, as we are thawing fast. Otherwise, I'll have to wait...oh well, first world problems right?

  • totally, @Davyl66 .. first world problems, indeed. (not that 1st world problems can't have a pretty profound impact sometimes.. haven't always been a fan of the phrase lol)

    but yeah i totally feel you. i can only imagine up in dallas... here in Houston it got up to 50 today and there's still ice and snow hanging on, but today was the first day we actually saw a change. like.. ANY thaw at all.

    our water is still turned off (voluntarily -- i can't decide whether it's safe to turn it back on or not bc hard freeze tonight) but at least i'm blessed to have some good bud.. that being said.... i have been following this order of premium Wedding Cake from Loud, for probably over a week now... said delivery today... silly me for actually believing it. (now just says "expected today, arriving late"... um , ok. )

    anyways. good luck out there brothers and sisters. peace & love

  • I hope all you Texans stay warm! As soon as USPS sees fit to deliver my package, I'll light one up for you all. Though at this point, it's like I'll be waiting just as long lol

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