Royal Highness

This struck me as interesting: "Royal Highness is a hybrid marijuana strain developed through a cross of Dancehall. This strain has a nearly balanced ratio of THC to CBD, so the effects are energizing and allow you to focus. Royal Highness has a smooth flavor that is fruity, spicy and a little skunky. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and pain. Royal Highness is a crowd favorite in places like Portland, Oregon."

Not what I'm looking for, but not what I expected either. A CBD strain with that much THC is unheard of.


  • Nice! I’m a little fuzzy on the diff between CBD and weed, other than CBD doesn’t get me high

  • A lot of people like "balanced" cannabis with less THC and more CBD. Less intense, less likely to cause anxiety. There are other benefits, too, in that CBD has some anti-inflammatory effects that differ from regular herb. This strain seems like a perfect introduction to this philosophy, because the THC levels--if we believe the description--are about double the "normal" high CBD flower like on the third shipper's menu (MedJane? Apologies, never ordered).

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