@medmama please grab some more of the OD PURPLE KUSH or premium or any kind tbh I missed out this last go around and I'm quite upset about it lol thanks guys


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    @Zackarrry I'm betting on the "Mystery Outdoor" to be the closest thing. It says it's got some purple in it. Got a quarter coming, hopefully sometime soon.

  • @georgetirebiter for sure keep me posted buddy I'm waiting on my godzilla glue right now

  • @georgetirebiter and @Zackarrry my medmama myster premium came in today if i can figure how to post a pic i will i dont order flower alot so i cant say how it would be to you but its got a lil purple in it also a very light but its there smell along with a good little buzz id say it belongs more in the outdoor range but again my REVIEW may not help ypu bc im not a flower person

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