Average label time for you guys?

Its been 4 days i havent seen one yet which i know is normal, but i havent asked whats been the average label time since the snow storms and i guess since Jan? I know with Loud it can be like 2 days for a label and sometimes Medmama will be on it in one day. Is there stuff going on somewhere probably? Got some Orange Cake Kush coming 🔥🔥


  • @BMan I don't pay attention to label creation. But my Orange Cake Kush was ordered 2/14; arrived 2/20. That's the best shipping I've had from Washington in a long, long time. And there are two outstanding orders, one of which goes back to January. So I'm just trying to meditate (and medicate) and keep calm.

  • Hey @georgetirebiter, how is the orange cake kush? Waiting on my order...

  • Loved it. Just vaped one bowl and the taste is great, menu description on point. Looks great, too.

  • Thanks! Something to look forward to whenever it gets here

  • I ordered from @LoudnCo on the 12th my label 2 days later but now its stuck in transit arriving late.this crap sucks just when things start going well then they dont.

  • I have package for tomorrow still in Cali.... Weird

  • @Kayla 8 days after a label being made is a pretty long time, but because of the snow and bullshit thats why. Thats always frustrating

  • Whelp now my delivery date has changed to "Unknown" Arriving Late and I am still getting normal mail. Has not even left california 🤯

  • @theunleet Usually when mine do that it shows up in about two days. It just seems to skip scanning until it hits local. I’m not saying that’s what’s going on with yours. But it’s a possibility.

  • I will hope for today or tomorrow, never had that happen before, but strange times we are in 🤣

  • One looks like was picked up by another form of getting where supposed be headed than usual method, half way through to finish line switched riders but got couple should done past finish line

  • I hear ya @Kayla. Ordered from loud and paid on the12th, label made on the14th, shipped on the 16th and now has been on the road for a week. Just satisfying the orders on this site must keep the USPS hopping and working OT.

  • I ordered afghani goo and Godzilla glue last week and got the afghanigoo this morning Godzilla should be right behind later on today. A few good tokes of A.G. this stuffs pretty good, I feel comfortably numb. Thanks MM.

  • 4 business days, that's the FASTEST a package has taken to get here.

  • Mine is still somewhere I guess? Not in my mailbox today. Want to punch USPS for not doing their job correctly.

  • There'd been multiple crossed finish line in a week or less recently but most previous 2 both lagging but sprk devices that went in day later been here a week already and need something to fill em

  • I'm believing that postal has lost my shit! I'm getting so aggravated they need to do something with this dejoy character. I was really wanting that prem wedding cake from @LoudnCo I mean really it has a tracking number how can you misplace.

  • @Kayla Did you do the missing package form?

  • @OzBaxter yes they said give it to friday.im like damn its priority I should just have to give it 5 days total it's not that hard.you guys have done pretty good my last 4 packs.lol 3 or 4 days total for my last 4 packs.o well guess it was getting to good to be true

  • It’s been 84 years...

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