Xcoins.com: Useful Fraudsters

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I use this company, Xcoins, to buy bitcoin for reasons I don't care to explain. It works. Except when it doesn't.

I'll be brief: If you forget to click on the link to verify your purchase, you lose your money, basically. Their system is designed that way.

The first time this happened, I forgot to click the link and 24 hours expired. I had to challenge it with my bank. (I use my debit card/checking account for funds.)

This time, I made my purchase while posting about wake and bake or something, at 2 a.m., and went back to bed without confirming. Three hours later, the link had expired, the transaction had been declined, and the funds were gone.

Be aware!

Why would they do this? Simple: Many people who buy bitcoin are doing illegal things and don't want to call their bank. Multiply my $200. Or $500. X gazillion. Daily.

I'm sure this is a gigantic profit center for them. It's fraud but fraud lite. Deniable as accidental oversight.

Edit: This is interesting. I forgot this. To comply with my bank, I emailed Xcoins about this. They were glad to chat about details of the transaction until I asked them to explain what happened to my funds. The first time, Xcoins customer support said, "well, you let 24 hours expire." I replied, "So what? The funds must still be returned. Reference: FDIC. Rules." Then they went dark.

This time Xcoins would not respond to emails.

My bank is responsive but I lose access to the funds for three days.


  • Dayum! That sux

  • Elite online dispensary is one site never to check. The site looks legit and everything, I browsed them one day when the menu was very skim on mm. I ordered a qp if white rhino for 420. The site says free shipping for orders over 150. I buy BTC and send it to the wallet. No email reply. Next day I call the number listed. Recording says prepaid customer mail is full. I call again no answer. I email them asking about my order. The dude replied "bro you need to send $320 in BTC for shipment" I tell them the site clearly states free shipping and they already charged 50 dollars for overnight delivery ontop of "free shipping" I asked for a refund and the dude replied again " bro send 320 in BTC for shipping label. It will be refunded as soon as I get my package. Long story short dont ever try eliteonlinedispensary.com they're a scam

  • Never try eliteonlinedispensary.com it's a scam!

  • All the reviews are using the same stock photos from menu🤣

  • Also: Never buy cannabis online from someone whose customer service calls you "bro"!

  • There are a few legit sites like "POTLALA" but the price is terrible.(Yes I used them before MM long ago) The product was fire but those prices 🤢

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    Ahhh...stories of Potlala. Yes, I used them once. They put some ridiculous, stupid return address name on it and wrapped it badly, like a child. It arrived, misshapen, bent, and smashed after about 31 days in USPS.

    So, yeah, I guess they are legitimate. But barely.

    Edit: I realize that no one at USPS is inspecting return address labels. BUT...Funky McBunglestein? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    Yes that really happened.

  • Some of the return addresses on my Potlala stuff was crazy 🤔. They package it in the worst box they could find, but the flower was at least in little plastic container from dispensary.

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