Premium Lava from MedMama

Surprised to get packages today! Golden Teachers and...Lava. An enigma shrouded in mystery.

I bought it because I suspected it might be this strain, described on this seed site:

"Lava is an indica/sativa variety, listed in our database as a clone only strain and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

African Purple(male), Old pure indica from the legal days, and an exclusive Hawaiian female from my dear friend that has grown it for close to 20 years.

The African was a landrace seed set and dark purple flowers. Developed for the Hawaiian market, Lava has a rich taste of fine leathers and spices and is very unique in both effect and bag appeal. Pure purple and exotic looking, Lava can grow big and is mainly sativa dom. The purple colors come through at any temp. Moderate THC levels but with a unique THC footprint that you can feel the difference of from other pot.

Lava is a clone only plant."

I bought it with the assumption that it's not Lava Cake. My thinking was also that Lava Cake is a really good strain. So what if I'm wrong? Win-win, either way.

Now I wonder whether it's some other kind of Lava strain altogether. The fruit is pungent and strong, tropical but "narrow spectrum," compared to Purple Punch, for example, or maybe it's just not as strong-smelling. Or COVID-19 has destroyed my brain. (I mistook citrus for melon only a few weeks ago.) I can't place the fruit terpenes. Guava? It's not like what I've come to expect from "punch" strains but it's very, very fruity, to the exclusion of pretty much anything else. Do I detect "fine leathers and spices?" No, but I blame the virus...there's something that just doesn't fit with the description. It's not just the smell and taste, it's the look. It's neither purple nor exotic.

The color is varied. It has multiple shades of greens, specks of purple, a sheen of frost, vibrant orange pistils. It is textbook cannabis; in other words, "normal" by MedMama or Loud standards (it's not exotic)! Frankly, there are too many strains with "Lava" in the name to really identify this stuff. Here's the description for Chocolate Lava, just as an example, from the same seed site:

"Chocolate Lava is an indica/sativa variety from Aficionado Seed Bank and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±58 days) and outdoors. Aficionado Seed Banks Chocolate Lava is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

A Very rare Cut of Chocolate Kush made its way into our garden and instantly Became a favorite. Chocolate Kush is A pure morrocan Hash plant land race variety which finishes in 6-7 weeks. Smelling like classic Pure citrus hash and Chocolate it is truly a lovely scent to behold. We Painted her children with several power males the first which we offer to you is the Hellfire Male Breed. A complete monster. Expect Fruit a plenty."

MedMama's Lava is as close to Chocolate Lava as it is to Lava as it is to Lava Cake! You be the judge.

Here are pics of what I received:


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    You know what? I'm overcomplicating things. It's Lava Cake. The fruit is from the Grape Pie parentage. Look at how Lava Cake is packaged here, as "Lava - Smalls."

    Effects are slow to come on. Deep body relaxation. None of that sativa ping I was expecting. Pure bass line. It's got me feeling really good, just like I knew it would, if I would have known it was Lava Cake.

    Now, message for the shippers...if you can find any of that black Hawaiian Lava...I'd be even deeper in debt than I am at the moment...

  • @georgetirebiter I grabbed some indoor Lava Cake I believe late last year, the same time Jungle Cake was on the menu and I was impressed as well. If you got the premium I can only imagine how good that is. Both those cake strains made me appreciate the cake/cookies genetics more than I had before.

  • @bluedreamer i remember when those were around, but i missed them both.. have yet to try them / waiting on premium batches to come around..

    you summed up how i feel about the cakes/cookies.. they're some of my very favorites, but it's kind of rare to get one that is truly special. there's alot of really good ones, but man.. there are some absolute legends hiding in the dessert genetics ; they're just hard to find

  • @georgetirebiter thanks for a great review! definitely a mystery; i wanna know bout that black hawaiian tho :joy:

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