How about MM THC capsules 50 mg?

I’ve been trying these 50 mg THC caps by MM, I’m up to taking 3 1/2 w not much effect. Haven’t had much luck with edibles lately. Any thoughts?


  • Did you normally consume a high amount of THC during the day before taking them as edibles? Maybe you are just oversaturated? Also for me, and I don’t know if this is anybody else, but edibles and the like hit me with a different buzz than say talking it or vaping it

  • I normally try edibles in the morning then smoke later. I’m just getting a little groggy and hungry from 175 mg. It must be my high tolerance, I guess I’ll try 4 caps, 200 mg next.

  • Yeah. Could be that no oral dose will hit you like smoking it. I don’t know. Report back after 200 lol

  • I only take them at night and loved them before but I don’t think they had hardly anything in them in the last round this month. I was taking 6-8 at a time and nada zip zilch effect. And same with the diamonds I got in December. No effect at all. It’s extremely disappointing when I budgeted the money for products to last a certain time and then I have to hastily reorder or end up in bad pain like now

  • Think I'm due for a break usually the assorted fruit chews send me for a loop but last couple containers had like 6 a go and was just like a normal sesh

  • Diamonds didn't even do anything for you? What is your tolerance? I heard diamonds are very strong 🤯, I want to try some sometime...

  • glad to read this info! been contimplating buying but for 250 dollars i we just get weed!

  • Medmas chocolate bars were amazing for me but when I last ordered them they "had an inventory issue" and replaced them with gummies which were not worth it at all. I make capsules with my own infused coconut oil and med Jane's distillate, I just can't justify that price when I know the ingredients are so much cheaper. One thing I know for me personally is when I have edibles it's best to eat about an hour or so afterwards but everyone's different so that may or may not help.

  • Took 4 mg caps two hours ago , feeling ok but not stoned. 🤪high tolerance probably.

  • I think it’s more like whoever sends the inventory to shippers sent fake diamonds possibly unknowingly. They smelled very pine-y and fake diamonds are rampant rn. All the products are naturally derived so I think it’s harder to estimate dosing in general. I’m trying a lot of different things to see what works best for me

  • Bro I yell you @LoudnCo their huckleberry kush diamonds 💎 are hitting so much better than @medmamas I got some Hindu kush live resin dropping Friday if usps acts right

  • Tell ya boys it still just like going to the dealer! You never know if you gonna get good shit or not! The weed seems all pretty good but the vapes,gummies cookies,or candies of sorts has been stepped on so bad it rediculus! I have useless vapes an gummies that are what tell them it CBD! lol But I get high from the weed!

  • With the fruit chews I know it's gotta be me needing a t break cause someone else I know had some that weren't used to them and had same effects I had been used to so gonna test my theory

  • I definitely feel effects from all the items seen but some haven't hit as hard as were and now I know it was me and not the item after my buddy had same experience from same batch I used to get but way more used to than him, just not really in mood for t break with even going on

  • 200 mg didn’t really do it for me I’ll take five caps next time 250 mg total. 🤔

  • I personally think the strain/strength of these are off. My first order of these were amazing, and the second order I purchased are very weak. I have taken up to three and feel pretty much nothing. I still have some of my original order capsules and they still hit me like a mac truck, like a very strong indicia. This new order feels like a weak sativa.

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