White Rhino/with pic

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Fortunate to receive my split of White Rhino/Orange Cake Kush today. I tried growing White Rhino when I was just starting out many yrs ago. Had one of those Greenhouse Seeds assorted seeds mix where they put a diff color coating on the seeds. Anyone remember those? Anyway that seed didn’t make it and I never had the opportunity to try WR. Well today made up for that. Go easy on this one. Smoked about .5 gs’s after work and I honestly don’t remember the first hr or so afterwards 😎. One of the biggest buds I’ve received from this site. Thx! @LoudnCo . The really cool part is first bud I ground behold one perfectly intact big brown seed. Very stoked!



  • Looks nice and fingers crossed on your bean becoming fruitful, was hoping to see an albino rhino today myself but no sighting yet

  • Thx @Vapedad78.🤞🏼 Yours arrives soon! Hope to find a couple more beans in there but if not I’ll definitely throw that in a run sometime

  • Nice! Happy you received it. Gotta try & jump on this next time I see it.

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    finally came! THANK YOU @LoudnCo

  • Appreciate ya, hopefully something shows today but radar not looking promising one thing will be 14 tomorrow if not here

  • I pulled out one of my last two buds from mom's fall batch. That's why H.O.G. didn't get a full review until this morning lol.

  • @superman38NC Super jealous! lol It doesn't look as frosty/"white" as the last batch. But that could just be my eyes/memories playing with me. Either way, I hope it lands on the menu again soon. Mine got subbed, but it's probably because I waited too long to order. I'll just wait for the next spin of the wheel ;)

  • Thanks! @ChunksEggo8187
    @MizterNiceGuy very nice budshots!
    @OzBaxter i didn’t receive any of the last batch..was hesitant to order this time but glad I did. What did you receive for your sub? Hopefully it will return! Unfortunately for me I need to hide the wheel 😆

  • LOL!! @superman38NC I got some fresh Mendo so I'm not complaining. But I love me some Rhino and will jump on it next time just in case

  • I'm waiting on a premium batch from Loud for my first time... I have had white widow repeatedly over the years, but never had white rhino!!

    It's probably weird but when I try a new strain I've never tried, I always try to get a really banging batch . Lol

    Looks really good tho!! Great pics/review

  • Pics like that @MizterNiceGuy are awesome to see . Nice. Just menu so loaded I cant get all but rhino was gone pretty quick. Hope it treat u well. 🔥🌲

  • And @superman38NC ur pics n reviews are always nice. Hope u like as well.

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    Thanks @superman38NC @Lou_lew it's treating me very well. This stuff is amazing. @LoudnCo has great White Rhino every single time. I've been fortunate enough to grab some just about every time it's on Louds menu and it never disappoints. 9/10! I'd say as good as their Premium, effect-wise. Premium version was "prettier".

  • Also thx! @Lou_lew @MizterNiceGuy your right it’s not the prettiest, even when ground up, but last night was my 2nd time using it and it doesn’t disappoint 🔥..smoke is smooth and tasty.

  • White Rhino is defintely smooth & tasty! For me, its a knock me out medicine. Nice body high. I would order again for that late evening smoke.

  • Beautiful pictures and a great review thanks. I'm holding on to my last bud for mid March. Enjoyed the bud's. Dweller

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    Still ❤️ this white rhino! What’s crazy is compared to other strains of late in appearance, aroma, and grind it doesn’t stand out. But boy does it deliver a nice high with a very smooth smoke! Can’t wait to grow the seed I found. Was hoping to find more but not yet.

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