Organic Cannabis Capsules 50 mg were WEAK this time

Months ago I purchased the Organic Cannabis Capsules 50 mg (THC) and they were a god send. They were a perfect way to get medicated without the cannabis smell. One capsule would have me good for the whole day. I am now running low on my first order of these and I decided to buy more.

The capsules I received this time literally provide no where near the similar effect. I dont know if its a different strand that was used to make them, but these are definitely weak. I took 3-50 mg of the second order and felt absolutely nothing, I did this three days in a row and still they are giving me nothing. After trying that for three days, I I took just 1-50 mg of my first orders capsules and I was medicated like expected.

Physically comparing the two capsules, the first order is very fluid and moves around the capsules and is a dark amber/gold color and on my second order they are very thick and hardly move inside the capsule and are a pale vanilla color.

I just want to see if any one else experienced this? Highly disappointed in the strand/strength of the capsules this time.


  • Thanks you saved me 250 dollars! i asked months ago a got no reply

  • @HerbalRemedy same here! Previously I loved them so seems like an inferior batch

  • Thanks @divagirl, glad to here im not alone. Super disappointing. I will have to make my own caps, because this quality is not reliable.

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    Experienced the same thing unfortunately. Got the 50mg capsules and they did wonders. Got the 100mg caps cuz I been using too much and they literally do nothing.

    funnily enough, I got the 100X 100mg caps and some of them are the dark amber color and hit the same as the gummies/50mg caps but the ones that are more pale/golden don't do a thing. Pretty disappointing after spending 500 bucks :/

    my suggestion for anyone considering edibles is avoid the caps as they don't seem consistent enough for the price. The gummies are where it's at.

  • This is literally the only thing I wanted to order from medical jane. Hopefully they correct the issue.

  • I haven't read this whole page but what I understand some people think this particular product isn't liked. I'm high so I'll read it all some other time. I haven't tried this particular product but the flower/bud Medicineman sells imo is the best weed I've ever smoked in my life but then again my experience level with weed isn't as great as some other greatest weed smokers of all-time in the US.

  • I’ve got a useless jar, waste of money. wish I could be refunded. I understand that this might just be a bad batch?

  • Hell everything they can step on an ruin....they will! Bud Good!! everything else is not worth my money!

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