Banana Fire Cookies?

Did anyone get any of this?

Has anyone tried this strain? I've seen it twice.. both indoor, both Loud. I would really like to hear from someone who has had this strain from here, either of these 2 times (or others) . i am really intrigued by this combination!



  • gonna tag @LoudnCo here too, in case he's still lurking about :) would love his thoughts as well

  • I got a split last time of this with last cheese and the banana fire cookie is bomb as hell bro one of my favorite indoor from loud and black Banana cookie is good also

  • Got a 1/2, and so glad I did! Super nice uplifted high, tons of energy!!

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  • @Lola2012 appreciate the pic! Thank you!

  • thanks for the replies! i'm still really curious! @Lola2012 thanks so much for the pic! glad you are happy with it. how is the smell? is it pretty strong? something just gets to me about buds with weak noses .. but truthfully, i keyed in on one specific thing that you said:

    "Super nice uplifted high, tons of energy!! "

    I don't have many herbs like that right now!! I like to keep maybe 2-3 strains around that give me a jolt like that. for a while it was Jack Herer, then i got an 8th of Green Crack that took over... now, for about 3-4 months maybe, i haven't really had anything great to fill that slot.. i have been using my homegrown GSC auto for that purpose, as it's the one strain i have right now that will get me UP and cleaning my house... but it's also strong. like, a bit too strong to use during the day/ work etc.

    anyways. thanks again for review. i will probably order some if it's still there when i get the stimulus bump. i'm already kinda making plans .. lol. i wanna see what premiums are gonna pop up next on Loud's end! thx again!

  • @v32Finish I really like a good sativa to w n b but its funny that despite all the avowed indica preferers on this site, how quickly a good sativa disappears off the board. As soon as some Sour D shows up, you can almost count the minutes before its gone. I think Red Dragon was the same way and the Nepalese had two short runs before going bye bye. I would have recommended the Violet Vixen since I was one of the lucky ones who just received theirs. Another fine sativa with a short life span on the menu. Its a challenge and a matter of timing to catch one. I must say the many outdoor offerings this year so far have surpassed those years previous. The growers did an awesome job.

  • @bluedreamer i have noticed this, as well. seems difficult, really.. to get a premium Sativa. or maybe it just seems that way bc i've missed most of those due to one reason or another. (red dragon, sour D, nepalese, sonic screwdriver, etc)

  • Mine smells really strong @v32Finish. You def won't be disappointed if you order it.

  • thanks alot everyone! @OneLove i appreciate it!

  • @v32finish - sorry, great smell, bit more cough, but damn, what a great high!

  • no problem at all! i am seriously considering squeezing this into my next order. at least a little bit. seems very well received! thanks alot guys (& gals)

  • @v32Finish - just ordered a 1/2 of the Mimosa. Fingers crossed!

  • Theory: All of the Indica lovers post and interact, and all of the Sativa lovers never say a word. That’s why Sativas disappear so fast. That and dealers stocking using this site

  • @OzBaxter Aren't sativas harder to grow indoors? Could that be some of it? I really don't know. Good theory, though.

  • @OzBaxter. I have often wondered why they dissappear so quickly myself. I strike as soon as I see one because I know they wont last on the board long. Not sure if its grow time @georgetirebiter but the more nefarious dealer hypothesis rings more true to me. Could just be my conspiracy theory mind.

  • I have noticed that the desirable sativas fly off the board. Hmmm...

  • @georgetirebiter, I am Sativa all the way!

  • Are you flying off the board, @Lola2012?

    Sorry, I don't know what that was...

  • @Lola2012 definitely let us know bout the mimosa!! i think @superman38NC might have ordered some too (or i might have that mistaken w someone else!! lol)

    either way i just love all the sharing of info on this site.. just fantastic! i still have never had just plain mimosa but i've had a couple variations including the Apricot mimosa from here... a good sativa hybrid, that one, but didn't really get me in the feels though. i still feel i owe it to the strain to try a premium version of the original mimosa..

    funny story i tried to order mimosa seeds... 'mimosa evo' by Barney's Farm.. and they processed my order but ended up actually being OUT... so i waited like 2 wks and then got a call. lol. but hey, everything comes full circle, because the replacement i chose ended up being Candyland [platinum cookies x grandaddy purp] - which i have 2 healthy, beautiful ladies right now, so maybe it was meant to be. lol .

    got off on a little tangent there. ha. i do agree that good sativas tend to be a bit harder to come by, and when they do show up here, they usually do not last long at all. .

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    Yeah, it's odd for all the indica fomo discussions on this board, it's the sativas that disappear overnight without a word🤔

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    @v32Finish @Lola2012 i did pick up some of the indoor Mimosa..the first bud i purchased on this site was a premium mimosa that looked like moonrocks ..they were covered in kief!..smelled like fruit punch..haven’t seen anything like it since..special batch for sure! I’ve had other plain mimosa batches since that were good..a couple not so much. This batch looks legit so I’m anxious to get it. The apricot mimosa is 🔥too..I’m a big citrus fan!

  • It was my first premium, too, @superman38NC. This was, I believe, October 2019. Ordered it religiously until I got bored after a few months. A year later it had become something else. Typical love story, really.

  • @georgetirebiter
    Really? I know you’re smart but HOW can you remember that?!?.

  • @leaf I don't have a memory for birthdays, but cannabis...different story!

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    Is there any actual banana smell/taste with this stuff or is it like the Cotton Candy Kush that tastes nothing like cotton candy?
    Banana is one of my favorite flavors of all time. I'd eat banana-flavored steak if someone made it.

  • @v32Finish I need a reliable seed site. Which one do you use?

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    @leaf i started off using sensible seeds (i believe its just and they are great, huge selection, super reliable.. but their site is a bit clunky and the shipping is kinda long-ish (1.5-2 wks usually) coming from europe i assume.

    I have also had really great success with SHN or SeedsHereNow. they have a great selection and are one of my current favorites. I've also used Neptune. Others I have checked out and/or plan to use are the Seed Cellar (great selection of In House Genetics) from Michigan and deeplyrootedseedbank.

    There are lots of really good, reliable ones out there; the above are what I deal with mostly. but there are lots others. (unitedseedbank is another that seems to have alot of hype stuff). if i had to pick ONE, I would recommend SeedsHereNow (based in USA, fast) or maybe Sensible. I tend to kinda skim back and forth between all of them, as some of them will have different stock and it helps to look around. :smile:

    hope that helps!!

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