Spring Break

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Happy Friday!

My order of Lemon Crasher (small buds) came in, and so did a sub called "Orange. (the one, large top)"

Spring break begins for me this Monday, meaning I am going to have grandkids dumped on me soon. :grin:

Looks like I reloaded on my sativa just in time. I have no clue about Orange. If it is anything remarkable, I'll let you know. I forgot what I originally ordered. :wink:



  • Nice looking buds! Thanks for the pic!

  • @justaguy The Lemon Crasher looks like Slurricane, i.e., indoor quality! (And also that grape-bunch bud structure.)

  • The Lemon Crasher is great. The Orange is OK too, it isn't as perky as the LC, but it is quite nice.

  • @justaguy LC looks amazing, I'm looking forward to seeing all of my grandchildren this weekend 😁. Is that a solid bud or a compression Wow.

  • It is the top of one plant, compressed and trimmed tight. Small, little nuggets fall off the main stem. It is really good. It is a slight creeper. :blush:

  • Bump thread from two years ago.

    Spring Break 2023 is here, and I have 3 grandkids with me this week. I wasn't paying attention to the calendar this year. Good thing I put in another order. I'm gonna need it.

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