Loud’s Premium ChemDawg 💥

Received 3 packages today! been a fun Sat. so far 😎 Amongst my items is Loud’s premium CD. This batch is a must get for an intense out of body -yet focused high. Last couple batches were 🔥 but more sedative..not this time..it’s excellent! Aroma and taste on point too.


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    Absolutely gorgeous batch of buds! @superman38NC I love some Chemdawg. Out-of-body experience?! Sounds..lovely!

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    Thx! @MizterNiceGuy lovely is a great word for it! My tolerance is up there and it brought back those good ol days of being really stoned

  • That looks amazing! Appreciate the pics!

  • I need to go premium next time.

  • @superman38NC see you commented on the Chemdawg from loud . Thinking about trying to get some before it gos away . I like staivas iv had cd that really hit on sativa side . Would you recommend this strain

  • And I love a loud smell does Chemdawg have the smell to back it up thanks in advance

  • @superman38NC great pic's it looks like the beautiful little torpedoes from the last batch. I still have quite a bit from the first of the year 🔥. @Tac My wife loves it when she wants to get things done. She calls it her speedy weed lol. We're not real big sativa fans but this is a lifted extremely focused high without the racing heart and mind. IMO just a well balanced hybrid that lets you get things done without the spinning head. 💣

  • Thanks just ordered

  • really enjoying this chem dawg also! definitely has a strong smell.

  • wow, great pic!! appreciate it!! sooo many great strains! :dizzy: another one i wanna try. lol

  • @rapxo thank you for the pic! Looks tasty!

  • That looks amazing . I placed my order yesterday hope to get soon

  • Very nice! @rapxo This batch of CD is is more of the phenotype I prefer.

  • @rapxo wonderous weed and what a fantastic pic thanks 🤪

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