Med Mama Chocolate Bars

Has anyone tried these? They had some @medmama a couple of years ago and they were f'n awesome....only trouble is i took one on a long flight and they tasted so good I kept forgetting and eating more . By the time the plane landed I was still airborne...If these are the same I'm getting some.


  • @whatever1956 i was wondering the same thing. I also saw that Loud have some chocolates as well.

  • @mpou10 just got a Loud Chocolate as a freebie!

  • @whatever1956 Nice! Let us know how it is!

  • @whatever1956
    I just used Medmamas chocolate bars to recover from surgery. I had stomach surgery 2 weeks ago and really didn't want to take the oxy's they'd sent me home with. i was off painkillers 5 days after surgery and only had the chocolate bars because i couldnt smoke. The doc told me no coughing! I would have gone fucking nuts without them!
    So to answer your question yes they are good. They look just like Hershey bars with all the little squares.
    I like them better than most of the other edibles ive had here. I eat 2 squares to get high. And 3 to get bent. Yes, my body requires a high dose for edibles.

  • @Blazed @mpou10 going to try the Loud chocolate today. I think I'm going to order some of MM's bars too, before it gets hot out

  • Med Mama chocolate bars are great. They taste great and have some kick to them.

  • Anyone get a cosmic berry crunch bar? Guess I got the last hazy hazelnut and they subbed with one in a foil wrapper with the cosmic berry crunch branding taped on outside. And thought the bars were 550 each but hazelnut wrapper says 500 and the real cosmic berry crunch bars look to only be 100mg but I'm guessing it's a different brand possibly?

  • tried just about all edibles time to hit the Bar!

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