I ordered the trim and received πŸ˜€?

I ordered trim and received two joints one duct tape attached to one and the other a chem dawg. Plus two ✌️ cookies πŸͺ!!! I guess the Trim is from those two different strains? This is the first time I've ever gotten a joint as a Sample so I am almost positive. Just asking??? The quality is good as wellπŸ˜€


  • No I got the trim πŸ˜€ joints attached to the bags . I was only curious if the trim was from the strain of what the joint is. Not majorly important. Just in case I confused anyone. I received everything πŸ˜€ Happy as always! Thanks MM thanks Loud!!!

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    @Kellybelly99 I think the trim is probably from something else. The freebie joints kind of promote whatever is on the menu. The trim could be anything.

  • I thought I would let everyone know that I am REALLY ENJOYING THE TRIMπŸ˜€ anyways just thought I would share in case anyone was curious.

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