Could anyone tell me if the Mimosa from med moma is new to the list I haven't noticed it till this morning . Thanks for any reply


  • Yup, think it came up 2 days ago.

  • Thanks

  • Went for a split of Mimosa and Layer Cake..last indoor Mimosa wasn’t my fav..but this batch looks solid with an intriguing description..I’ll let you know @Tac

  • Just ordered my 2nd O of this batch of Mimosa. It is better than some premiums (last was SS) I've tried. Its nice sized buds, keify, fruity flavor and smell, yummy is an understatement. Not too dry, great for grinding if you are a kief collector. I would call it a dessert weed. It gives me heavy dry eyes and definitely slows me down. My tolerance is very high. If you liked the slurricane you will like mimosa even more!

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