Canada post still delivers!


  • Wish usps would still deliver.i was watching marijuana Monday with remo. He says he couldn't believe they still delivered to him.INDEED...

  • They don't vac seal or something? What happened here?

  • Canada post office still delivered and just put that note on it for him for future reference. Lol
    It's on YouTube under marijuana mondays with was in a vacuum sealed Tupperware bowl . @MikeyC I just thought it was funny that the Canadian post dont care and delivered anyway..

  • That’s funny @Kayla. Before medman I used another site that was ok (nothing compared to this site), but they didn’t vacuum seal or triple layer the goods. Got one confiscated and I’m almost a 100% that’s why. I received Bruce Banner and you could smell it through the box!. Was a little freaky so I stopped using them.

  • It is funny

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