Loud's Premium Biscotti [?]

has anyone received this yet? i am thinking about ordering this one . but i would like to hear if anyone's seen it yet


  • I hope someone reports back

  • Got some coming sometime. Ordered on 16th, label made today. Maybe end of the week? I really enjoyed mamma's outdoor version of this strain, hoping Louds premium takes it to another level. So tasty.

  • nobody?!? surprised i haven't seen anyone get this yet!! lol. i'm gonna just order an 8th.

  • edited March 24

    Things seem to be moving slower over the last couple weeks. Probably all the orders of these 🔥 strains Medman and team keep delivering 😁.My Frankenstein should be here in the next day or so.

  • hehe.. totally agree. very likely what it is... hey, no worries!

  • ID says Friday for me.

  • @LoudnCo

    If at all possible can you get more Biscotti? I just smoked one of the freebie joints you gifted me, and wow, it just killed a severe migraine I had today!
    Amazing medicine!!

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