Sugar Trim Joints

edited March 23 in Product Reviews

I found some extra cash in my bank account recently :wink: so I splurged and ordered 80 sugar trim joints from MedMama.

I order these every once in a while, they are handy to have around. You can order indica, sativa, or a mix of those, but not any particular strain.

This latest batch has them in what looks like brown, raw cones with a short crutch. The crutch is not oversized, so as you toke you don't get any loose cannabis pieces pulled in, like you do with the larger diameter crutches.

These are made tight, almost too tight really; it takes a little massaging to relax the joint so that you don't get cramps trying to draw a toke off of it. This works out OK because the joint tends to hold together while it is in a shirt pocket, which we all know a joint can empty itself in the bottom of a shirt pocket real quick if it is too loose or you have smoked some of it already. After a couple of tokes though, and all is right with the world.

The buzz is not remarkable, but at the price, it's just right. Those high-end strains can get a person spoiled, these are like the old school joints. They are just right. These don't seem to be harsh like sometimes a sugar trim joint can be.



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