Gotta say that I was pleasantly surprised with the latest order. I had recently moved and my new house isnt available for Informed Delivery, so I was sort of flying blind not being able to see the tracking info as I had done in the past. I ordered toward the end of last week and had it arrive today. Was a bit worried since I haven't ordered in a bit and have been hearing how it was taking longer, but it was all good. Just thought with as much as I see complaints on here, I'd at least give a shout out when things go smooth as well.


  • You and me in the same area code @NOLA504 . Same happened with me, Chemdawg came today, (a day earlier than shown!) and it is. . . nice. :)

  • @Rockafire yeah I just moved from Orleans Parish to Jefferson Parish, only about 5 minutes away from my old house. It is AMAZING how much difference 5 minutes makes. Back when I lived in Orleans, my mail was constantly misdelivered, I would have mail show up in ID as being delivered by a certain date and it would nearly always arrive around 3-5 days after the expected delivery date, when my mail would come it would usually be delivered at around 7-8PM. Here in JP, it arrives around noon most days, when tracking says a package is suppose to be delivered by a certain date, it is never late, and so on.

    Also, I've noticed the street construction to repair the roads in Jefferson Parish is MUCH more organized than in Orleans. I have friends near my old house in Lakeview who have had their ENTIRE street ripped up for the last year and a half. I wanted to get the hell out of there before my street was ripped up. Upon moving to my new house, my NEW street was being torn up. However, it was all completely fixed in less than 2 weeks while my friends in Lakeview STILL have their street ripped apart from 2 summers ago. I love the city but the leadership and those running things atop are nothing but a joke. I mean our Mayor was busted for not paying her taxes for like 2 or 3 years while we have elected a D.A who was under indictment for criminal charges himself during the election.

  • I could never afford to live in Orleans Parish. Not worth the hassle.

  • @Rockafire yeah that's another thing. You get so much more for your money in Jefferson. Like when my brother and I were looking at houses years ago we spent the same amount. I bought in Orleans and he bought in Jefferson. I got a house that was 1000 sq/ft and his was about 2000 sq/ft. Crime also isn't nearly as bad. When I first moved to Lakeview 10 years ago, it was relatively safe, however lately its getting pretty bad. Was glad to leave for JP.

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