Anyone get Larry OG?

Just wondering..considering a split with this. Have this feeling a menu update is coming soon. 🤷🏼


  • Theres always a dam menu update lol but ive had this b4 and it was a strong strain in the og fam

  • Looking forward to Larry and mendo if split was honored

  • Larry. Good smoke. I’m not good with descriptions but the picture should speak for it’s self.

  • @Bobn218 Looks great! Thank you!

  • Thx and nice pic! @Bobn218. I really hope to get my order of this tomorrow. Getting a split of this and Poptart. Got a free sample of it couple weeks ago. For being a high cbd strain it definitely lifted me up!

  • I got a bit of Larry and layer cake today. Both are top notch in my opinion.

  • Got 2 orders today😁. 1 Loud and 1 from Mama. Both splits honored. Big thx! The Larry OG reminds me of the mimosa I got from the site when I first ordered. The buds are visually stunning and could have easily been sold as premium. Smoke is very smooth and I’m really digging the high! Really brightens the day 😎

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