As anyone tryed the boss strain from lound before. . And is it worth it thanks


  • It was on Loud's menu in Fall 2021. Based on 1/2 oz, the Boss is an "old-school" Sativa leaning strain which provides a wonderful long lasting Sativa Hybrid high. It is a creeper strain with OG Kush genetics. Loved it.. One of Loud's very best 2021 strains...

  • @agingboomerfl . Thanks I remember the last think it had a little purple in it . I have never tryed it just remember the pic

  • Fall 2021?

  • 🤣 I think he meant 2020

  • Time Traveler!

    Does White Rhino ever come back in the future? 😜

  • I haven't tried the flower but I have some crc and it is sativa leaning but is still relaxing. All I taste in the crc is lemon, it puts me in a mindset to get things done. For me it's a good wake and bake and early afternoon smoke..not much sleep in it for me. I do believe it has haze and blueberry among others in its genetics.

  • Meant Fall 2020... A typo

  • Been away a bit. Had to take break bc of being a person who needed not spend MaryJane. But had to say @TreesPlz that Back to the Future are my favorite movies. All 3. This is 1st one. That made my day. I think like that bc it fits the conversation in this thread sortvof ya kno. "What the hell is a gigawatte". (Spelled wrong lol) 1.21 gigawatt!! Hello to medman family 🌲💨😊

  • Layer cake is awesome and forbidden fruit looks beautiful. Among others. I have 👀 on things but trying to budget n not use stimulus on all bud. But I kno all of its good. Always is. So "window shopping" on here equals more 🌲. Lol. I try to check myself but check for updates often during day. Lol. Heard "Cherry Garcia" strain. Liked the name. Yet to sample strain. Love, peace and chicken grease

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