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I'll try and keep it short:

I disputed a debit transaction between my bank and Xcoins; Xcoins hoovers up your coins if you don't click on the verification link within an ever-shortening window. I lost over $500, disputed it and got credited, and then lost the dispute.

I have a stack of paperwork submitted by Xcoins to my bank. I'm tired.

My question: to fight it or not to fight it. Essentially, I need to know whether to dig in my heels here and look at this stack of papers. I don't believe my bank looked at this stuff, any more than I want to look at it. Back when I was a customer, Xcoins made it very easy to ... see what was going on. Is that a blockchain? There were red letters, "DENIED" next to my transaction. I don't think I screen-shotted that or it would be awesome.

They locked me out of my account, of course, so I can't see that anymore. Thanks Xcoins!

Any words of wisdom out there? I'm writing internet nonsense for a living these days and my head hurts.


  • I'm sorry to hear about this kind of BS. First, see if you can get your Xcoins account unlocked.

    Assuming I read your post correctly and as far as I know, Xcoins should be the only one to credit your $500 back to your bank account. They sound shady just by their name and the idea of having to click on a link in an alloted amount of time or lose your coins is ridiculous.

    Either Xcoins gives you the damn coins, or they refund you the $500. Its that simple. But I'm not really sure why you lost a dispute again after you won.

    Banks will/should only credit you if the transaction was fraudulent which in your case is not. Your bank has nothing to do with this and its all on Xcoins.

    Sounds like you're SOL. Your bank will simply tell you to contact Xcoins.

    You can call the BBB and file a complaint.

    In the meantime, just use Coinbase or use those BTC machines if you have them in your area.

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    @greatspirit In a court of law, I win.

    The problem is...where?

    Just so others know: My bank credited my money back because I'm a valued customer. When Xcoins replied with what I suspect is a giant pile of irrelevant nonsense, my bank caved and rescinded the credit.

    The bank's name is Key, by the way. No reason not to share that. As bad as Xcoins is, they deserve some blame in this. Not my job to be a detective.

  • 500 is small claims court

  • @georgetirebiter they are very stealth. Where do these people work? Try finding a phone number for a bitcoin service. That said, I wouldn’t give up. Copy all your correspondence and put it a single file and send it. To somebody. Good luck. I wish I could help.

  • Anyone using Xcoins can help George by using a different service imho. If enough ppl......

  • yep.. if i used Xcoins, or even had it, i would file a complaint on your behalf. that's fucking bullshit. i might do it anyway. lol

  • Thanks, all. I intend to follow up with my bank. I think they just expect people will give up, especially because...guilt?

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