Migraine relief

Would love to see Pineapple Express or other migraine treatment related strains. Anyone have anything specific that works on the current menu?


  • Frankenstein, Gelato, Bear OG shatter, and Hindu Kush shatter.
    I have Papaya Cake coming with some concentrates tomorrow.
    I'm an indica gal, myself.
    Oh! Jack Herer is a good one too!
    I hope you find relief! I know all too well of the pain they bring.

  • Thank you so much

  • i have found OG kush x GSC to be the single most medicinal strain (for me, of course) .. when it comes to pain, nausea, etc.

    i am ALWAYS on the lookout for those crosses. (fire cookies, triple choc chip, dough G, animal cookies, animal mints, Ocean Grown Cookies, cookies kush , etc etc etc).

    i also agree w. @MigraineWarrior79 ; those are all good choices. indica is typically better for pain, but specifically for migraines i have heard that sativa-leaning or hybrid can be beneficial .. maybe the cerebral-ness? of the high? but for me, and everyone i know, heavy indica seems better for pain or other distress.

    highly recommend growing your own if you are able, where you can get a couple 'keepers' that you KNOW work well for you, and just keep a mother plant or 2 and grow from clone. i am increasingly frustrated by prohibition keeping people scared of growing their own NATURAL MEDICINE.. it's complete fucking bullshit. i know growing is not for everybody, but i will continue to recommend ppl to do it. also- check out CBD strains. but not just like.. straight-up hemp.... (like, 6% CBD and 0% thc).... if it were me, i would try looking into 1:1 or 2:1 strains.. which are popular in the medical community . (might be.. 9% THC and 6% CBD, or something like that)

    sorry for going off on a lil tangent there.. ha! either way, good luck. my mother inlaw has TERRIBLE migraines that have literally fkd her life up.. but, bc prohibition land, and indoctrination, she had the base of her brainstem sliced open, before she would ever consider taking cannabinoids. (last i heard, she still has them, too. but not quite as often). i feel really sorry for anyone who has to deal w that.


  • Appreciate your recommendations. Just became legalized in NYs so I do plan to grow. Iā€™m wondering if the oil vaped will have similar relief. Will order some of those plant strains today. Thank you!

  • @Jbest6699

    Let me know how the strain(s) you picked help you.

    I can pull out my strain journal to give more recommendations if you need to.

    Hope you find relief!

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    A plethora of research in the last decade has shown great potential for psilocybin as a treatment for migraines (even in low doses), and this site offers magic mushrooms so I highly suggest ordering some if you haven't already. Some of you might be too scared to try magic mushrooms, but please, if you haven't tried them, give them a shot. I saw a documentary on youtube about one guy who was lucky enough to completely cure his migraines with shrooms. Best of luck to all of you!

  • @Stab_Snipers

    I've been microdosing for a month now, and find when I do get a migraine they're not as violent if that makes sense.
    Usually a good size rip off my bong of a heavy indica, and I can function.

    I'm going to take a trip soon, lol

    I'm interested about the theory because I saw the documentary on Netflix you speak of

  • Very interested in the micro dose, will give that a whirl. Open to any and all forms of treatment. Thanks for the recommendation.

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