Favorite Strain

Alright folks,
As the great date rapidly approaches, what’s your choice of strain for the special day?

I’ve got some GDP & Black Cherry Moon Rocks


  • Sin mints or any strain that can make it to my bones and be tingly on top.of relaxing, happy, pain killing and euphoric.

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    Anytime I have a heavyweight I want a lightweight strain also.
    As in lightweight strain is one that doesn't put on sedative effects.
    Then I need that one that puts the sedation on me which is Heavyweight strain that packs above average numbers.
    Hybrid gave me light effects, if I keep usage gives heavy effects, Hybrid became both,
    Saved some money still on edge when I want,some puffs but don't want too overdo it due to how good usage product is .
    Layer cake my favorite strain so far.

  • @Bruno what effects does Layer Cake bring? I’m a big indica person, but I’ve tried my fair share of hybrids. Each time I look to order, I keep looking at Layer cake. Are they dense or soft sticky buds

  • @MikeyC right there with ya. I only use at night for ptsd and restless body, so I like heavy hitters that I can feel

  • Layer cake is a strain that you could feel unlike others,with it a user can get a high feel after proper usage. Which should alleviate sorts of pain.
    Its not too heavy on effects but it is gonna Turn heavy.
    One of them strains that provide self introspection.

  • Favorite strain you say? Some NORTHERN LIGHTS from KERA. It may not have me glued to the couch or as if my body is missing from Earth, something about the taste.. the way it hits... 🤤

    Only flower form*

  • Omgosh @LoudnCo had some Duct Tape that was true too it’s name and duct taped my butt to the couch. I missed the Frankenstein but it’s on my list too try.

  • I have bad ADHD ( on top of a whole shitload of other issues ) and no other strain I have had recently helps me focus better then Lodi Dodi. I will get it every time it's on the menu..... @LoudnCo please get some if possible for the sale

  • I’ve got severe PTSD from 6 tours over seas. I tried to get Frankenstein but missed the chance. I’m a fan of those indies that take the worry away and couch lock ya

  • @theunleet growing some as we speak 6th day sprout. Also have some GDP, Gelato, Purple Urkle & King Tut going as well.

  • @whatever1956 never had Lodi Dodi. I’ll have to check into that

  • Premium miracle whip and Grand daddy purple.

  • @Frogzcan hope you enjoy it if you get some!

    its a shame i cant ever find any. and i've only gotten it once in about 3 years shopping here. every friend ive got knows if they run across white widow to call me immediately or just pick me up a damn ounce

  • Chitral kush, purple kush and death star are in my top five with CK being my sticky icky indica favorite.

  • too many favorites to name. i enjoy alot of different strains. but for sure, if i'm gonna shout out one, i'm gonna go with GSC . specifically probably some GSC/OG hybrid or other cross. there's a ton of different cookies and gelato crosses, so i can see why some ppl don't like them or think they're over hyped.. but when you get one of those rare super bangers, from the GSC or GSC x family.. they just hit a totally different plane for me personally

    Loud's premiums have had the best for me personally; he's got 1 or 2 growers that put out some heat. my main complaint is immature seeds; it's been in multiple batches and it's definitely a little disheartening, but the quality makes up for it. Animal Mintz, Sunset Sherbet, Fire Cookies, Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Dolato. All fucking amazing and slightly different and alot of nuance. The Fire Cookies in particular was like whoa.

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention Medmama also has some bomb dank in this category too; currently even... Bacio, ICC x Kushmints was really good last time i had it, premium sunset sherbet.. etc. but the ones that i've really connected with (at least most recently) have been Loud.

    Shout out to growing your own; my little GSC auto and others have also stood toe to toe with some of the best of em


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