ICC terp sauce?

has anyone tried the Ice Cream Cake terp sauce? I don't even have a dab rig rn so there SHOULD be no reason for me to want or need this, but... i still find myself a little .... reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  • @v32Finish I have a split with Runtz coming so I'll let you know on both. I actually started dabbing with terp sauce. It's a versatile medium that also works great as a bowl topper.

  • 10-4 .. thank you sir!! i might have to grab some.

  • @v32Finish

    Grab ya some ICC diamonds too, haha
    I've sandwiched some in with some flower in a bowl 🚀 to the moon!
    Now, I wish I wouldn't have slept on it in flower, lol

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I have some wedding cake and about 7gs of dry diamonds of varying lineage just don't want to burn up all of my dark star ts. I'm going on a diamonds spree as soon as I get icc and Runtz, they should be here by Saturday and I'll cake it up😋. @v32Finish I started vaping concentrates with a $20 banger, my mini bong and a torch. My first vape was a puffco plus it puts out decent vapor and after several years I haven't been able to kill it.

  • nice... yeah @MNTDWLER i LOVE my puffco plus. i never use it anymore; idk why really other than i haven't ordered any concentrates. i have maybe half a G split among 2-3 strains. the ass-end of i think it was MAC and Dolato are the 2 shatters that i have.

    definitely might have to bust out the Plus again..... but MAN i have been eyeing up some really nice glass lately. i want a nice, simple, CLEAN looking, effective rig that can double as just a straight up bong for flower, but is also a dab rig. i've never had a proper dab rig and it's just time. some of the glass out there is crazy....

  • also thanks for letting me know how the ICC and runtz sauces both are. would LOVE to see some solventless @LoudnCo any thoughts of getting a press?? :D @medmama ?

  • @MigraineWarrior79 that sounds heavenly... yeah ICC is right there atop my list.. one of my very favorite GSC crosses and probably favorite strains, in general, for me. happy to have a little tiny wee lass ICC growing, too. ;) i ALMOST caved and bought a pack of the original Ice Cream Cake seeds from SeedJunky / Jbeezy.. when they popped up on Neptune for $650 a pack. i ALMOST did it but in the end i just couldn't. but i almost did. :joy: even tho the genetics themselves are out there, under different brands and different pheno hunts, crosses, etc etc.. the original ice cream cake from seed junky was HUGE on the scene and those packs now are very rare and very valuable.

  • @v32Finish I just started 2 of my last 6 sherbinski sunset sherbert seeds. I've had them for two years and germination took 2 days. Barring deer climbing fences it should be a good fall

  • I do not dab, but I recently bought diamonds to sandwich in my flower. A little dry, not enough sticky to make it work, reminded me of CBD crystals almost. Terp sauce a good bowl topper or a waste? Trying to add stronger to my flower. Used the Kief as well, but I did not enjoy the ButterOG Kief.

  • @theunleet bro get a dab rig wasting it topping it on bowls tbh

  • @Zackarrry I am a flower guy at heart. I am just branching out and trying new items with my orders. 🤯

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    @theunleet your not alone! I’m also a flower guy. All my concentrate exp is thx to this site 😁. I’ve tried diamonds, wax, shatter, terp sauce, and the vape refills. Shatter is my fav of them all, so I keep a little of that and the rest flower (can’t be replaced imo).

  • @theunleet thays understandable only bad things is that concentrate shoots your tolerance system high

  • @Zackarrry your soo right, I try to keep my serious dab sessions down to 5 or 6 weeks a year. With the occasional foray for relief reasons. I have to almost stop vaping for a week after a binge before my receptors start functioning normal again on flower. On a "high" note my sauces are arriveing today so a review later tonight.

  • @MNTDWLER i will be patiently waiting for those reviews!

  • @LifeLong14 WOW just checked status What the hell MISSSENT!! Now I'm praying someone catches it and sends it back my way 🤯

  • @MNTDWLER Wow. Yea that’s a bummer

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    @LifeLong14 hey friend it looks like the USPS is finally getting it's act together. I wasn't expecting anything until tomorrow but if this is correct I'm gett'n my runtz diamonds and terp sauce and the icc terp sauce a day earlier than I thought. Happy 419 for me lol, I love it when a plan comes together 😁 oh yeah prop's to @LoudnCo for the fastest shipping time I've seen from Cali..so far.🤯

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