Jack H

Medmomas jack H is fire don't no how it's still on menu best I have came across in a while smells like a pine 🎍 . 2 hits and am no amateur I was very happy this shit is 100 percent 🔥


  • Yeah it made me a believer 👍🏼

  • I have a zip of the indoor coming Monday. Sounds amazing!

  • @Tac did u get the indoor or outdoor? How strong of a nose does it have on it?

  • @Bg4200 . I got indoor nose smells like jh is supposed to piney and spicey``

  • Loved this batch!!

  • Great indoor JH from Med Mama. The smell of this strain brought me back to like 20 years ago when I used to get Jack Herer all the time. I had forgotten about that type of herb. Throwback.

  • Yes this also reminds me of some we called Christmas tree back in the 90s only came in around meddle of November then was gone after Christmas. A mostly every year thing then disappeared . This jack h is a close to the CT . Smell is piney and the high is strong head high energy motivation topical jack . If it come back around I would deff- recommend this strain

  • Outdoor JH smells amazing. Like old school weed. Piney citrus. Cool part is also have zip of J1 (jack herer x skunk#1) also. They have very similar smell. The J1 is lighter green and a smile emparting smoke.

  • Guess I missed my order on the INDOOR J Herer last night...but notice OUTDOOR J Herer is back on menu today....Could someone comment on the the outdoor vs indoor?

  • Never mind...See you later Jack Herer !!

  • I still have some of this indoor jack H . Was able to get a small amount of craft
    DURBAN x SUPER LEMON HAZE and am telling you that the jack H from medmoma is very close in quility . That says alot about there grower's . By the way the craft is pure ⛽ . And serta reminds me of the jack h . The high is just more intense due to strain

  • Yeah the Jack Herer was gold 👍🏼

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