Medmamaa or LoudnCo

Which has better diamonds and terp sauce.

Tbh louds diamonds are killing MM but I believe the terp sauces are about the same besides MM being a little thicker


  • for real? i saw how orange those diamonds were.. the ICC ones i think.. and i got kinda scared of Loud's diamonds. lol. just shows that you can't really judge from a pic (or without trying!)

    i have stayed away from concentrates for the most part, but i'm looking into getting a nice little dab rig. i'd like to be able to get some clean concentrates when i need that little something extra; plus i think there are some pieces that are literal works of art.

    anyway thx for posting this up. curious what others say as well.

  • I haven't tried Mama's diamonds.
    Loud's diamonds put me in outer space!

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