Medmama 4/20

Will they not be taking anymore orders today?


  • I want to know the same, I was in the middle of ordering and it all disappeared from the site

  • Yep. If they aren’t that’s fine. Also any ETA on that Loud & Co reup?

  • Medman says it’s possible for loud & co to do a drop today but not guaranteed. (Under the 420 comment thread) and he’s asking medmama to raise their order limits for today. 🤞🏻

  • edited April 20

    Yes! I tried for some caesar but thanks migraine I went a1 yola and caesar- if available/lemon partay pound town

  • @MikeyC

    It's awesome 👌
    I hope it treats you well!

  • I also went loud for master kush and mammoth skunk. I'm gonna be high!

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