I need much for two people? What's a good amount? What's the best that is offered? Just looking for some help before I order...thanks for any responses 😀


  • 1/8 is enough for a real heavy trip for one person. Start small split an eighth and try it out ❤️❤️

  • @Syz You're the best! Thanks so much for answering cause I'm clueless...any suggestion of which kind?

  • No advice tbh I've just done "shrooms" 🤣

    I'd stick with the one described for beginners?

  • Great! Love it! Only done once in my life lol... ill let u kno buddy

  • I'd start at 2-2.5grams pp- also I'd not eat meat or drink alcohol for like 6-12 hours before and be hydrated before and after you take it. Nobody wants to shit on shrooms

  • @MikeyC just for clarification, you don’t eat meat prior so that you don’t have to shit? I’ve never ran into that issue on shrooms

  • Unrelated. Separate issues.

  • I would recommend the golden teachers. Also, I would agree with Syz, just split an eight with your trip buddy, but I would recommend getting at least a quarter. You may want to go on a trip again =p

  • I got them you guys...I'll come back here with a review! Lol thanks for the help!

  • @akes Awesome! Can't wait to hear back and how they were.

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