Lime gum drops from Christmas time sale taste like Robotussin

I ordered a lot of gum drops during Christmas sale. One I just opened yesterday and had it and it no joke feels like menthol and tastes like robotussin or menthol. Is this normal? What's the deal @medmama? What's in what I just ate?


  • Was this an evercLear extraction that didn't fully evaporate?

  • Was it possibly a spearmint one?

  • Let me check

  • That's a mystery 🤔 lol

  • Feels like a high and a ricola

  • Hahaha I had one for a freebie and I thought it was really minty. It was a pretty gooey freebie too.

    It still did the job though! Quite well it did.

  • Oh yeah- it gets you high... But why is it unlike the other limes I had? Hopefully it just had more of a flavoring, but until it's Confirmed I'd rather not speculate. @Med Mama Helper did anyone who you asked respond to this? I have like 18 left and I'd rather not take a chance.

  • @MikeyC ha yes I had just bought a bag of those and got a freebie of these as well, spot on🤣

  • Report back if it's just the taste or it's a different effect please! I'm like mostly convinced at this point it's too much lorans flavor drops

  • Yeah think them things are like wintergreen or something lol

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    Lmao, i got a gooey one too, some of the freebies i get are like that. But not so cough droppy....

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    Freebies I assume are misfits/personal stash. This was packaged and I had other lime containers in the same order that weren't the same way and were normal likes.

  • I had lime flavored gummies that were SUPER LIMEY - sour really. the good news: They were still effective :-)

  • Yeah- I may do an experiment to recreate them. They didn't make me sick- but that taste is memorable.

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