Lots of new product coming up!!

We have a ton of new flower, concentrates, refills, vapes, and more mushroom chocolate bars comin up hopefully by tomorrow!
Curious, what would you like to see more of?
Any feedback on our mushroom chocolate bars?



  • Also heads up we will not be selling anymore jollychips after the batch we currently have which is about 200. They are our least popular item.

  • Thank you for updates! Always look forward to new flower on the menu.

  • Wow @Med Mama Helper You weren't kidding 🤣
    Blu Soda, Bless Me Now, Sour Skittles, The Bizz, Wookie Girl, Sour Joker. They all look amazing!

  • @Med Mama Helper so i order strictly concentrates id love to see more hashes diamonds or good wax alot of times a burnt rubber or weird taste comes from the wax so maybe a more stronger terp flavor if that makes sense also more exoctic shatters or wax strains bc mama makes some great stuff really does

  • @Med Mama Helper Would love to see some Rosin or any solventless concentrate outside of kief.


    Thank you! 😘

  • That's awesome there's lots of cool vape refills

  • Almost pulled the trigger on some of Loud’s latest drop, but I was really hoping for some sativas or particularly Sour D. What a surprise to wake to @medmama 😁. Grabbed a half of Sour Joker and Sour Skittles..can’t wait! Loud had Sour Joker a while back and it was ⛽️

  • @Med Mama Helper

    Why are yall trying to take all of my stimmy money?

  • @Med Mama Helper hello! I would love to try the mushroom chocolate bars, I missed out on them.

    I would also like more mushroom options if possible, I liked the mushroom candy too, will that be coming back?

    I would really like to try some blue meanies if you can find them.


  • Solventless plz!!! flower rosin, hash rosin, live- all of the things

  • Would love to see more sativa's . Premium sour d. Jet fuel etc

  • The jack H indoor from medmoma is 100 percent fire gets better ever day. Hope it comes back as well

  • Layer Cake from @medmama was 🔥. Would love to see it come back. Or from @LoudnCo . I agree @Tac the Indoor Jack H. from @medmama is also fire. Happy 🌲💨

  • We have some new super fire high quality live terp sauce and diamonds coming up soon! Make sure to grab some while you can, there is a limited quantity.

  • I would LOVE to see the Tinctures back! And would really LOVE to see some flavored THC:CBD Syrups!!!!!

  • Og Kush please

  • Plenty of og kush blends all the time

  • edited May 7

    thanks for consistently putting shrooms on the menu these past few months!

  • Something I haven't saw white widow

  • Indoor train wreck . Not been around that am awire of

  • Been on site several yrs none of the above

  • Flower- White Widow, Godfather OG, Alien anything. Love to see live resin carts

  • I would love to see the return of some 🔥 grape ape, lemon tree, or Super Lemon Haze.

  • Yeah some Trainwreck and some White Rhino/Widow, Purple Urkle. More Jaeger. 👍🏼

  • Would love some live resin, live sugar / badder / budder, and similar concentrates. Also, the organic cannabis capsules MJ had! Thanks always!

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