*New Packaging*

Hey all, doing our best to be on top of all the activity here. We heard some requests for labeling our freebies and specifically the joint freebies. We are doing that from now on 8) Also! we will be slowy transitioning over to glass containers for all of our concentrates. This will reflect and preserve the quality of our product and medicine. We will begin to package in glass as soon as our current pre weighed medicine gets sold so there will still be the tail end of the silicone containers for the next week or so.

Blessed day everyone.



  • Thank you, MZ!

  • much love

  • That's good news! Now @MNTDWLER won't have to give all his freebies away. :wink:

  • Hey crew- no label Thursday night order came today. I think that's 4 days. Wonderful!

  • i honestly think the flower packaging could use a bump but i know thats not always possible.. tbh i prefer just the straight ziplock over the small clear plastic sealed zips it comes in sometimes. just honest feedback; it really doesn't matter bc it usually just goes into a jar anyways, but somehow it does matter still.. just the feel of it ya know

    anyway good vibes and much love, i've got great stuff from both loud & mama and i appreciate everyone who somehow makes it happen to have access of sometimes crazy stuff right to my door. would really like to see some more ultra-top shelf stuff; the premiums are still usually very good dont get me wrong.. but it's kinda rare to get some of that truly next level flower..

  • @v32Finish same here. Mine goes straight into jars, but I’ve started putting bags inside the jars. Prefer ziplocks as well. Nostalgic indeed 😎

  • Sometimes the plain indoor stuff looks and taste better than the premiums. Needs judged alittle better imo.

  • @Kayla and I can't figure out the pricing structure.... It's only like $5 difference. When I was coming along, there were only two types: kind and schwag. & There was a big difference in price between the two.

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