Im not sure what strain this is.

MAC was on the menu so i decided to scoop a zip. This bud is pretty and frosty but smells like berries. Tastes like berries and is a bit harsh. Not thinking this is the MAC i ordered. So the question is... what berry strain was on louds menu about 10 days ago that smelled like berries?????


  • Is it Wedding Cake?

  • Blackberry Kush

  • It looks seedy to be a premium batch.was it not labeled?

  • @Kayla itvwas labeled Mac. But I’m thinking it’s blackberry kush.

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    @Blazed just curious you tried MAC before? If you haven’t the terp profile for me is very distinct. I just received 7gs of MAC too which resembles more of what you ordered vs others. Mine is definitely MAC based off Aroma and effects from past exp. Tried at least 5 batches from this site (MAC is one my fav’s).If that’s BK I bet you’ll know it 💤 .

  • Looks like MAC.

  • Yes I’ve tried Mac. I buy it every time it’s on the menu.
    It’s really not that big of a deal. Just not what I ordered. I was expecting spice and gas. And got a bag full of berries. Moving on… thanks.

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    Same here @Blazed hard to pass up on MAC. The spice and gas is what makes it so good.

  • Looks like my indoor jack H is it sativa leaning

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    guessing papaya cake, or whatever else they needed to get rid of. jungle cake maybe.

    from Loud specifically i have had multiple issues of things being re-labeled and receiving things that i felt were trying to be passed off as something they weren't. like OP said it's not a huge deal but it does kinda get to me.. on an integrity level, & makes it hard for me to order from Loud sometimes.. especially since i have seen my own issues, basically mirrored and happening to other ppl . (who probably just dont care, which is why it keeps happening).

    again not a huge deal & definitely don't make a habit of coming here to complain.. but also definitely not a fan of seeing that happen, IF indeed that is the case.

    i posted a somewhat longer post but am gonna just trim it down to right here, bc it simply doesn't matter .

    the shippers and site administrators, in my own most humble of opinions, are good ppl who are doing good work. and who care about ppl. for this reason I kinda let it slide... but MAN plz don't do it!! :dizzy: dont put me in that position!! lol

    love you all

    take care canna fam


  • @v32Finish I feel your post. 😌

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