Shatter purple punch And bear OG shatter

The shatter purple punch I ordered was not shatter it was more like Wax and it was very melted to the parchment I ordered 4 grams and got 3.5g! Normally I just wouldn't say anything but at the time of ordering there wasn't very many choices of shatter to pick at the price I was looking for and I still got wax. Also the pictures on about all your shatters are way off the bear OG that I ordered is a very dark pull snap shatter looks nothing like the picture.


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    Most of the time the shatter I order comes clear and glassy like the pics. Eventually it ends up looking mushy or waxy like your pic but that’s normally a few months afterwards. (Maybe heat exchange through the shipping process causes this?) Its been abnormally warmer than I’m used to this time of yr. I did get some Bear OG shatter too when it first hit the menu a month or so ago. It was exactly like the pic. Have you tried putting it in the freezer before? Seems to help.

  • This happens to me often during the warmer season. Toss it in the freezer for a few mins, and try to keep it in a cool place. It won't return to glass like, but it will hold together better.

  • Yeah I've tried that i store all my oil in the cheese drawer in fridge.I've gotten some glass fire shatter from them over the past 10 years of ordering but every now and then I get stuff that I didn't order or doesn't look like the pics and it still says the name of what I ordered on the bag so it's not a sub.

  • loving the reviews @MMsupporter !!!

  • Wow! @MMsupporter if you’ve been ordering that long then you know what doesn’t seem right.

  • It's always hit or miss when I order shatter. The pics on the site look blonde and beautiful, but several times I've had it show up brown and not as tasty. They are really good about making it right if you are not satisfied, just send them a message

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